Pocket Bookies or Tax Collectors

Battle Of The Pocketbook

Reading and watching the protests in Wisconsin has been an interesting study in Civics. Here are the fundamentals of democracy at work, is it really? What I am seeing a struggle for power. The public employee has been feeding at the golden feed trough of the taxpayer for many a year and some taxpayers have become upset at the overpaid and underworked public servant. It has not always been that way. The civil; servant used to be underpaid and underworked. It was until they became a collective bargaining group did the scale balance change. Having union bosses represent them the workers pay increased to a par with their counterpart in the private sector. They were not content with that, the union bosses pushed for more pay. Dollar signs became bigger than the job of being a public servant. Greed became a driving force of the public employee unions. Along the way the people they were to be serving was lost.
The very thing the left wing of society rails against became a driving force of the civil servant unions….. GREED. Like so many things there is a counter balance and the pendulum is swinging back the other direction. Yet greed will not go away, it will stay a part of the fabric of society but it can be controlled when one admits they are driven by greed.
So what is going to happen to civil service. It has to change and a new direction to be found. No longer can the golden fountain of taxpayers be relied on to provide a panacea of benefits to the civil workers. People are tired of sending money to big brother and watching it be squandered on special interest groups and pay incompetent employees. There is also empire building in the bureaucracy and a surplus of employees. These things are so obvious and until someone protested the waste continues.
How does one protest paying taxes? To not pay taxes is a federal crime, who wants to go to prison, ugh. The government has the citizen by the short hairs and very little can be done about paying taxes. Then when someone wants to change the way things are going all hell breaks loose. The lefties are saying pay your taxes so I can be rich and you will be poor.
It is creating a new class war, the taxpayers and the tax takers. Been going on for years but the bucket no longer has water in it. So where will the power end up residing is the question and then will things be resolved….. no. There are people who accept failed policies because it looks good on paper therefore they will use whatever means to make their way of life dominate. It is classic social warfare that has been going on for eons and will continue as long as greed and envy are a part of the human experience.
Pass the powder………


2 thoughts on “Pocket Bookies or Tax Collectors

  1. Missed your updates…Hope you’re well?…
    and yes greed and Love of money above all things seems a part of The Civil Servants creed whichever Country is highlighted… um…which ones the powder keg did you say? Ah this one!! ok!!

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