A few after the storm

Snow across  the prairie does not have floats as the wind blows.  The occasional clumps of weeds and grass collect a few flakes but for the most part the snow goes on forever.  We seldom have heavy snows, most are a few inches to a foot or so.

The state highway department puts up fences next to the highway where the wind blows over the roadway and ices the road.  These fences slow down the snow and it collects into drifts curling along the ditch.



The drifts aren’t much, 3-5 feet because there wasn’t much snow and it was very dry.  The patterns created change as the sun moves.  Shadows crawl over the swirls creating patterns for Mother Nature’s canvas.


In the background can be seen the pasture holding a few inches of snow but the fence has created a small range of snow mountains drifting up the ridge.


The pond is frozen and the wind has laid bare some of the ice.  The frozen wind has sent the critters scurrying for cover and to wait out the cold windy time.


5 thoughts on “A few after the storm

  1. Mother Natures wearing her white cloak of cover…Stark but beautiful photo’s, enriched by your words of description, and personally I’d join the critters in finding cover for warmth. Brr..xPenx

  2. Looks nice and cold John. I have to admit those are some amazing drifts….do you suppose they’re cousins to dunes in the desert?

  3. I’m back.catching up
    We had a had a snow storm on Dec. Worst was on christmas eve until the first week in Jan.
    have a marveloud warm weekend.xx~connie

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