A New Battle Begins

As Usual?
Well a new season is upon us. The Hot Air Brigade has descended upon the fair city of Washington DC. Surprised Al Gore isn’t there adding his hot air to the global warming in DC. The politicians are heating it up. There are accusations and counter accusations. The Republicans are threatening to bring up a bill to repeal the healthcare referred to as Obamacare. The Democrats are saying if you do, it will not pass the Senate and Obama is saying he would veto it. Already the bullis are posturing.
One thing I see missing in this is the concern of the people in the US. In most polls I read, 60-80% of the people in the US were against the changes to healthcare. It is also the basis for the republicans to gain so many seats in congress. It is almost like the democrats don’t care what the people think. So see how the battle plays out.
The other area is the economy. The democrats had super majority in congress their first year, If government could of solved the problems with the economy the democrats had the power to pass any law. The republicans could not stop any thing the dems wanted to do. The democrats had that big of a majority that republicans were but spectators to the rule of the democrats. So did the democrats fix the economy? I would say no. Everything the democrats did was to help their special interest groups. The big contributors to the democratic party got the bailouts, from Wall Street to Detroit and other places. The democrats were spending money faster than a sailor on shore leave. Congress has to pass a spending bill and with a super majority the republicans could only jawbone about it.
This reflects the true colors of the Marxist democrat, there people can cough up more taxes and we can spend more of your dollars. The democrats profess to be the party of the people. Look at how much money the people got nothing. The money for bailouts went to the fat cats, the very people the democrats say are making too much money. If the rich are making too much money why are the democrats taking tax money and giving it to a select group of rich people. Is that where you want your money to go, somebody’s pocket that is already rich?
The republicans have the democrats of tax and spend, the past two years have proven that. The democrats have put us so far in the hole it takes a daylight pump to look for the bottom.
If you voted for Obama are you willing to pay extra taxes to pay for the spending spree of the democrats? I do not want extra taxes, I am quite capable of spending my money on legitimate purchases and don’t think to much of political patronage.
So stop and think, under the Obama has your outlook on life improved now that Bush is gone? Are you paying less for goods and services? Under Obama, groceries are going up, utilities are going up as is the price of gas. Obama has made a bigger mess of the economy then any succeeding president, including Jimmy Carter.
The democrats were given carte blanche to fix the economy. Were they successful? Obama has two years left but he now has a house controlled by republicans. No longer can the democrats run roughshod over the republicans. Obama can no longer count on the super majority of democrats to do as he pleases. The arrogance of Obama will probably prevent him from understanding this.
The lame duck session points out how much the president does not care about the wishes of the people. Numerous bills were passed earmarking expenses for special interest projects, which the people expressed they did not want.
Hopefully the republicans keep their ear to the pulse of the people and do not ignore them like the democrats did. The republicans do not have the strength to change much but they can use their voice to challenge the democrats to be responsive to the people wishes. If the republicans do not shoot themselves in the foot they just may gain the supermajority like the democrats had and maybe be able to undo some of the harm the dems did.
“Ask not what you country can do for you…………..,” a quote from a famous democrat president. Compare that to the view of today’s president and the democratic party. The democratic party has changed but so many democrats are entrenched against republicans they can not see the writing on the wall. Not sure what the republicans did to them but they sure love to vilify the republicans.
Last question for the Democrats….. “What’s wrong with trying to follow the constitution?” Is there something in it you are afraid of?
I’ve been mostly independent but these last couple of years has really soured me against the Democratic Party.


3 thoughts on “A New Battle Begins

  1. Obama as a lawyer indicates the constitution is an ‘out dated document,’ as do many Dems – black and white. So far I haven’t heard the Latino voices say that, but they certainly want their hands in the Till.

  2. I truly hope the battle can be fought and won ( but when is there ever a time that this happens?, nothing seems written in stone, just removable ink) and common sense wins the day. Whatever your politics I thought the wish of the many against the few swayed the outcome? Don’t tell me the tail wags the dog? (thought that’d go well with the reference to fat cats.., I’ll set the dog on ’em!!) x

  3. Good thing you have here! I reallydo love how it is easy on my eyes as well as the details are well composed. I am wondering how I could be notified whenever a new post was been made. I have subscribed to your rss feed which really should do the trick! Have a nice day!

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