New Years passing Now an Old Year


A year is going into the history book, twisted, distorted and tortured, depending on how one perceives life.  There are many realities that do not jive with the facts yet people want to take the squared pegs and push them into round spots.  No matter the struggle they insist that the square peg be to their liking.  I look at at those struggles and ponder what really is important in life.

This past year has brought many turns, some led to joy others to sorrow.  There has been new additions to the family, new unions and celebrations.  There have been the loos of friends but the toughest was the loos of my daughter this past summer.  There is a small void that will always be there but life moves on.

I have not been for want of food, clothing or shelter.   I see so many who live in cardboard boxes, under bridges or the  street.  It is their choice, yes I do feel for them and they are provided a hot meal and clothes but they walk back out to the life in the ditch.  Life has it’s many faces, it is a face I can do very little with but I accept it as life.

The pages turn and it appears as a déjà vu, the repeat is there.  Life’s book has many chapters.  I tread softly through the words and look at the next chapter.  Where will it lead, what is in store, can I have any effect, where will I go.

Questions travel forth and there are no answers so I reflect and wonder why I pondered them in the first place.  I must a mind that inquires even if an answer does spring forth I still ponder.

Yet I am so thankful for so many things.  All my basic needs are met and I have a little bit left over for some desires.  I would not make a good materialist or over indulgent consumer.  I have found a contentment in the basic needs of life.



Went to the big city of Denver this week and the magnet at the RR Museum in golden grabbed a hold of my jalopy and drug me into the parking lot.  I didn’t expect much at the museum but the lot was almost full and people were wandering through the the displays.  The Garden Railway Society had trains running on their pike and it was a rather festive day watching the people walk around talking among themselves.

The museum is nice in that people can interact with most displays, climb on things or touch.  Unlike most museums that have ropes or cases restricting interaction, there are very few displays that cannot be handled.  Kids were having a good time, parents were tagging along and grandparents were talking about the day………….

I took a bunch of pictures and will be posting some later next week or the following week.


This being the last day of the year, it will also be my last post of the year.  THEREFORE……


Have a Happy and Prosperous New Year……

Because I said So.

Happy 2011


4 thoughts on “New Years passing Now an Old Year

  1. Wish you a happy and prosperous new year dear John… good luck, good health and may our Lord bless you always. Take care ..hugs~connie

  2. You’ve said Happy New Year John…. then I’ll say again …THE SAME …
    Happy New Year , I love your photos and I hope to see them soon.
    take care~~~~

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