When is Enough, Enough

With the recent conclusion of the Lame Duck congress a person can sit back and ponder what happened. There was tremendous jawboning by the Republicans about taxes and cutting spending. Yet when it is all over there seems to be a caving of jawbones. Taxes didn’t change but boy did the spending go up. So where is the money for all this spending going to come from…….? Yep, you and me. We will either be bankrupt and or owned by China unless taxes go up dramatically and or a major drop in spending.
There is a strong undercurrent in society’s fabric against taxes and the Republicans have been catering to this group with a message of less spending and lower taxes. The Republicans have not delivered.
So the question becomes, is the United States becoming a one party country. It appears that the Liberal agenda of the Democrats has dominated the politics of government these past couple of decades. The Democrats keep adding programs and wanting more money and the Republicans go right along with them.
So when will taxes become too much of a burden for the populace to carry any more, at what point will taxpayer rise up and say, that’s enough, I can’t take it anymore? What is really bothersome is how the taxes are being used to pay off political donors. Taxes have become a key part of political patronage. People complain about the freebies handed out to various aspects of society but they pale in comparison to what is given to big businesses that have donated big funds to political campaigns. Look at there the stimulus and bailout money went the treasuries of major contributors of the Democratic Party. Look where Bush sent his bailout money. Is that where you want your money to be spent… political cronyism?
Reading through the Lame Duck bills is like reading through a Who’s Who of political contributor’s. There were small pieces of money that went to a variety of special interest groups all over the country. As people pick through all these little pieces of legislation they see money going all over, yet where is the funding for all of these expenditures. We are trillions of dollars in debt but congress keeps on spending. You can blame the democrats all you want to but if it hadn’t been for some republicans the legislation probably would have stalled.
Personally I like the idea of reducing the amount of time congress can sit. There is business that has to be tended to in the country then there is political crap and it is the crap that needs to be cleaned out and by shortening the session of congress maybe some of the pork can be reduced. Congress needs to listen to the First Lady and go on a diet. The people this last election sent a message but it wasn’t heard on capitol hill, so what is it going to take, a big stick.


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