Shoot the Politicians

Sounds pretty good to me, “Shoot the Piano Player,” was the name of a movie.  Well the politicians don’t play a very good tune, maybe put them in the garbage bin with the dead piano player.

Looking back at this past election irks me a whole bunch.  There was talk of change two years ago and the people voted for change and we got a super president and a super congress.  Where was the change promised?  The democrats had all the power needed to effect changes to the system.  They could of cleaned up corruption, swept the payola out of wall street and changed the way the government does business.  One of the things the democrat party professes to be is the party of people.  So did the people get any benefit from the super majority of the democrats?

Political payoffs continue, wall street is still reckless and we are now so far in debt.  what have the democrats done to the country, how have they helped the people?  If you are an illegal alien you’ll get help, a union member officer, some perks, Part of a big financial brokerage house, some big bonuses.  what have the workaday joe’s gotten out of the democrats.

With a super majority the democrats could of taken some of the burden off of the work a day joe, instead they have passed bills that oppress the everyday worker.  The democrats say the rich need to pay more taxes, well more taxes goes to who……?  More taxes does not create new jobs.  Those filthy rich capitalists, that the democrats envy, create jobs by spending those big dollars.  Only problem there are lots of filthy rich democrats out there and I hear none of them voluntarily sending money to DC.

So with the complete capacity to rule the country with their super majority, republicans were not needed the last two years, who did the democrats cater to, the super rich?  Look who got the big government dollars.  The rich of wall street, the big capitalists and political payoffs.

Did you get anything?  Like it or not everything that has went wrong with this country lays at the feet of the democrats for they had two years of absolute control.  So if you are a democrat I suggest you step back and look at what your party has done to this country.

The tough part, controlled madness.  Yes I am mad for I wanted change, I wanted the system to change, I wanted the political patronage reduced.  Instead taxpayer money went to bigger and more political patronage payments.  So at election time what kind of changes were there?

Well the republicans got rid of a few cronies but the democrats kept a lots of their cronies.  Oh a few democrats were kicked by the voters but the key thing for me was the democrats.  They did not try to change one member of congress.  That tells me that the democrat voters accept political patronage and cronyism.  It also tells me they accept Marxism.  That is the scary part.

Marxism has proven to be a failure and to accept Marxism says they do not believe in history.  Yet look at the laws that the democrats passed this past couple of years.  Most of them are focused on government control, in particular look at the health bill.

If you do not want government healthcare, you will be penalized and maybe even looking at jail time.  What kind of freedom is in that kind of legislation.  But the democrats accept that and say the government knows what is best for you.  Your right to self determination is no longer there.  Self determination for a part of your life has been eliminated by government fiat.  You will in part become a ward of the government.  This is a nice thanks to the democrats, taking my freedom of choices away from from me, because they consider me to incompetent to make good decisions.  The democrats are slowly drawing a line in the sand. 

I wonder if they understand what the consequences will be if they don’t get out of the Marxist mode.

Sarah Palin has been a rod for hatred from the democrats.  Ever wondered why.  She defines the differences of philosophies very clearly and the democrats do not like to be exposed for what they are, Marxists.

If you want to live in country similar to Russia or China, then continue the way of the democrats.  Yep republicans have their issues also but right now it is the democrats that are taking skin off my back.  therefore the democrats get the brunt of my anger and where I’m setting they deserve it.


6 thoughts on “Shoot the Politicians

  1. Hello, John. The focus might be too narrow. It isn’t about ‘me’ or you. It is about them. The ones the government wants you and me to support with out dollars. The musicians, the teachers, the never work, the leveling of the playing field.

    They want controlled food prices; controlled gas prices; controlled everything prices – that way you can control the money flow. Everyone gets a share; whether you work or not. If no one works, then government may print X pounds of money and distribute that. Education only through selection, not of the best and brightest, but the compliant.

    Born deformed, getting old? Body parts, scheduled death. Programed population turnover, system compliant comformation; plus or minus 5% for slippage.

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  3. ‘Lo, John. Writing here to comment on Inkspots. That blog and my computer have an incompatability problem. I experience the same problem with two other sites. They do not scroll for me to go much further then the first page break. I don’t know how to change it. It is in the template.

    Just wanted to say that Christmas seems to inspire your writings. Keep going. Am enjoying.

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    Hugs Lady J

  5. Thanks for dropping by, John , and for your kind comment and wishes. Merry Christmas greetings, and Happy New Year to you and yours. I hope 2011 is a good year…(hmm.. I’ve made it sound like a fine wine!!)…


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