Big Pocketbook…… Yours

To listen to the politicians we are going broke, well, that’s true.  That begets a question, why are we going broke?  It’s pretty simple really, we are spending money we don’t have.

Then begins the finger pointing.  Whoa stop, go look in the mirror, there is the guilty one. 

As a society we have been asking the government to provide all these different programs and we have accepted the tax increases.  We have given the democrats the hammer to say, you don’t know how to take care of yourself, so we, the government will show you how.  It has also been referred to as “Nanny State.” 

You think the republicans would accept that, that they are enablers?  Look back over history and you will the republicans spending just as much money as the dems have been.  Now who is willing to bite the bullet.

It is amazing how many people get a check of some type from the government.  I would not be surprised if it is about 50%.  That does not include social security.  How many are willing to take a pay cut, even forsake their government dole check.  Some people are going to lose some money and there are going to be some really mad people out there.

Read a story about a former US senator saying the government will probably be shut down come April. Novel idea. wonder how many can live without the government functioning?

The tea party has been cracking on some of the republicans to hold the line on spending and it just may be getting through.  The republicans crow about being against big government then turn around and vote for more spending bills.  Their favorite being the military, even there, there need to be some cuts and big changes.  So I hope the tea party will hold the republicans to their word.  So many want reelection they get cold feet and go along to spend more money for their home base.  Politics like that has led to corruption and over spending.  Also know as earmarks.

I would say some belt tightening is on the horizon.  It could start with bureaucrat pay.  Read where they are paid about 25-30% more then their counterpart in the private sector.   An across the board pay cut for them would save the government billions of dollars.

The bailouts have put us so far in the hole that if we go belly up, we will become part of China and some will go to other countries.  We will truly become communists, no longer just thinking but there it is.  No longer a world nation but a split up country living the dream no more. 

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6 thoughts on “Big Pocketbook…… Yours

  1. Aww, my friend politics – it effects us all wish my blogs could be read, unfortunately(?) even I am unable to access my WP at this time!!!! Have a good Thanksgiveng holiday you & yours(“-“)

  2. The Irish are cap in hand to Europe for help in a bailout strategy, The British have to also help the Irish to keep stability as we trade so much with them, this domino effect is Worldwide, and no-one must be allowed to fall…or else the collapse will be heard resounding for evermore. and belt tightening should start at the top, (where the biggest savings would be) but oh no, the old and infirm must have their pockets rifled through before turning the tables on the money behind the Parties in power… OH dear me. The bankers did this and still they insist on Bonus’s being paid..Where else do you get ‘a pat on the head’ for getting it wrong?… sheer incompetence, and the tax payer ends up paying more…
    Oh, I feel much better now..the steam has been blowing out of my ears for ages!! I;m sure I can hear better!! 😉 xPenx

  3. Yes I think the goverment should take a pay cut first. Then maybe the rest of America would be willing to pull their belt in tighter. It’s hard to be happy taking a cut when you know the person doing the cutting is wasting money and not cutting back themselves.

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