Social Security an Entitlement

I have seen posted in more than one story referring to Social Security as being an entitlement program. Not sure how it got that label for Social Security is not a tax. It is a deduction from one’s pay, plus the employer has funds added to the deduction. These funds are then sent to the government to be held in trust for when one retires.
When the program was started there was only one’s savings for old age pension. There were no retirement programs. When the depression hit lots of people were left without funds and had to rely on hand outs from the government. So the government started a program called Social Security. A contract was made between the people and the government. The government said if you send me some of your money, it will hold the money in trust until you reach a certain age and at that time I will return your money to you in monthly payments.
It was a good sounding program and the people accepted it and the Social Security Act was passed by congress. Most everybody pays into this fund, there are a few exceptions and contrary to popular belief, members of congress pay into Social Security.
Over the years congress has violated this contract. Laws have been passed to spend this money on other social welfare programs; IE, medicare, disability, among others. Congress has also borrowed from the fund. What started out as a noble idea has been corrupted congress over the years.
Now it is being referred to as an entitlement program, not hardly. That is my money, I sent it to the government and expected to get it back. Right now I feel I am looking down the barrel of a gun and behind it is a mugger.
If Social Security had stayed in its original context, a person could get a nice retirement check, about twice what it is now.
My question is: If you are paying into Social Security and or drawing, are you going to let congress get away with calling it an entitlement program and cutting your money out? Are you going to let the politicians put the shaft to ya?
I plan on sending this to the local representatives and Senators and probably others around the country. I am getting mad and madder at what congress is doing to me. I will not bend over and spread em.
I would love to find a blood sucking attorney that would be willing to fight the government on the malpractice of office or dereliction of office. It is my money and I feel they should live up to the contract they drew up.


3 thoughts on “Social Security an Entitlement

  1. A contract is a contract, and should be adhered to.. no matter what.. BUT somehow THEY seem to think they can back out when the time comes to ‘cough up ‘… Over here in Britain, they now call Retirement Pension a BENEFIT…as if no-one has paid IN to be able to get it paid OUT at the relevant time. Give them a swift upper cut, John… from me too… Just for the heck of it.. xPenx

  2. One pays into it with their earning and from there employer. One of the problems I think the goverment is running into is people are living longer. They hadn’t planed for that.

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