Looking Back

A few months ago I was hoofing over the fields looking for nature’s first signs of spring.  On a barren wind swept knob I found this clump of flowers in bloom this past April.


Tenaciously the flowers hang on, the wind blows cold, snow is gone, earth is dry and cracking yet is harshness the spring flower blooms.  With a bit of warmth from Ole Sol, petals spring forth.  Not an abundance but just enough to sustain life.  There may be a lesson in that.

Today the blossoms of summer have faded.  Vibrant colors are gone, the leaves of fall covering the warmth of summer.  Dormant is this time of year.  The life moves to warmer climes or curls up for the howling winds of winter.  Seeds are scattered on the corners of the breeze.  Under the white mantel they will settle into the ground and nature’s scene of spring returns.

In all our technology  we struggle to imitate nature, tame it, direct it and or abuse it.  With all our might straining at the forces, nature’s cycles continue on.  So finite mankind becomes, mighty trucks, big guns, explosions on hillside, battles in trees, rocks tumbling and dust rolls over.  Man becomes a tiny blip in nature’s burp.SDC15433


4 thoughts on “Looking Back

  1. Lovely flowers, I’m off to figure out why I’m not getting you update via email when I’ve subscribe to your blog. I’ll afigure it yet.
    Have a great day
    Hugs Lady Jude

  2. Hi John, Yes we must learn to flow with nature and try not to change its course. I love your narration of the changes from spring to fall into winter. Had my first snow sprinkling yesterday. But it is all melted again. I find our fall season here is getting warmer each year. We have only had about -6 Celsius so far. Years before -10 was the norm by this time. So my grass is still all green and even have green plants still in my flower beds. Have a wonderful rest of the week. Hugs Carrie

  3. we are a tiny blip time-wise, such a very small blip, and hopefully we won’t do more damage than any other species… I live or should I say will die in hope!!
    Nature is constant, and will prevail… xPenx

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