Promises…. Kept or Broken


Thoughts on the election, first I need to find a few.

Obama was elected on a promise of a change, now the republicans are in a promise of change. 

Obama didn’t keep his promise of change, well the change that people were voting for.  Maybe Obama lied to the people….. Ya think maybe a tiny little smidge of untruth.

Well Obama brought change but it was not the kind of change the people wanted.  So he has been thrown to the curb.  Now the republicans have a chance.  Wonder how they will do at keeping their promise of spending cuts and smaller government.  It is something I have heard before,  two years and some results or there will be more heads rolling.

It is for this reason I would love to see term limits.

There will be change again, just because of the nature of politics and the power that goes to the head of frail humans.  Power is extremely corrupting and when the frail humans go to Washington DC, a sense of humility is forgotten and the corrupt cycle rolls on.

With that in mind I hope the minions of Obama can be kept at bay.  they probably represent about 10% of the population and they have had their moment.  Marxism is very popular in the ivy covered halls of higher learning and Obama took to the teachings of Karl Marx.  There have been other pieces of Marxism that float around the country but this is the first time is was stuffed down the throat of the population.

Marxism has proven to be a failure many times over but in arrogance people coming out of the universities try to shove it down the throats of people.  Listen to Obama, what he says and what his actions have been.  The plebeians are not competent enough to make decisions for themselves.  it is the ruling elite, me(Obama), that will make decisions for you.  How many times has he told you, “You don’t understand.”

So what I hope is a bit of sensibility will come over a few people and they will be on the watch for other Marxists for they will rear their head up again.

The republicans have raised the bar on themselves and it will be interesting to see if they can live up to the standards they set for themselves.  Odd as it sounds, I will even be happy with a stand off, a log jam, where nothing happens except the mundane budget bills.

One thing that bothers me is the 600 billion the federal reserve wants to spend.  Government spending to kick start the economy has also proven to be a failure.  Over the past decades, every time it has been tried, the results have been negative.  Obama’s stimulus spending only benefitted the few and the rich.  It did not help the working joe and we are in worse shape now then we were two years ago after Bush tried. 

Definition of insanity, repeating the same behavior and expecting different results.  Some where in the halls of government are some insane economists and the politicians keep on listening to them.  I have heard, we are doomed to repeat our mistakes.

So be wary of the Marxists in clothing of sheep for they do want change.  They want to control you and direct your life.  Yet there a few who do not want responsibility for their lives and are willing to sell their soul to the government.

What change will happen in the next year… let’s see.  Time is but a moment in the scheme of eons.

5 thoughts on “Promises…. Kept or Broken

  1. Right on John excellent blog. The word change has been used in speeches way back to the 80’s by just about everyone. But like you say as soon as they get into Washington DC all the promises go out the door. Yes there is a elite trying to run the show. Doesn’t matter what party, when they get in the corruptions starts and bad spending. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. There is a short comedy film which is shown here every new year’s eve- “The same procedure like last year” and I think this resembles everytime politician comes into position, their promises’s been long forgotten.
    Good day and marvelous weekend wishes John… take care.

  3. insanity and politics seem to be the norm. Britain Is being held together by an unlikely looking coalition… between the Tory’s and Liberals…and the Liberals are ‘eating’ their Election promises…Insanity reigns supreme.
    Are promises made to be broken?… or are all Politicians trying to learn how to ‘Weld’ together the fragile chain of truth?….xPenx

  4. so good to know democracy still exists in usa. The 10% richest, owners of 90% of that countries wealth have RETAINED massive tax cuts. 60% of middle america are now subsidizing the 10% richest and 30% poorest citizens.
    “Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together” Hannibal, A team !

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