Something Be Missing

Surfing the blog sphere of cyber space one can run across all types of blogs. Among the many I find interesting are the blogs about global warming/climate change. I have a few that are sensible and tend to look the reality of what is going on. One of the things I do not see mentioned is the automobile and how it has changed over the past half century and what kind of impact it has. Point is how much more carbon by product is being emitted by today’s cars as compared to cars of 10, 20 or 30 years ago.

A quick glance at cars. During the 50’s the car came of age. No longer was the auto a luxury it had become affordable for all. The war was over and metal for manufacturing was there plus there was money. During this period the average MPG was 10 and prices were 15-20 cents per gallon. Then a thing called air pollution showed up in the 60’s and the auto became the culprit. So the car had to be cleaned up. Then came the gasoline shortage and cars were blamed again. So mileage had to be increased. Cars were being assaulted on two fronts, dirty air and using too much gasoline. The manufactures responded with high fuel efficient cars.
Average car mileage jumped up from 10 mpg to 25 mpg and there were the mini-cars, some of them were getting over 60 mpg. With all these gas savings the greenies still jumped the car for polluting. Car companies responded by adding gadgets to cars to make them run cleaner. The government passed fuel mileage standards and clean air guidelines and they had to be met.
Full size cars that had been getting 25 mpg dropped to less than 20 mpg and the 60mpg little mini disappeared. In the process of making cars run cleaner they made cars consume more gasoline.
So here is my question, what is happening to all of the carbon that has increased from reduced fuel mileage? Carbon can not be created or destroyed, it can have different compounds.
A car that had been getting 25 mpg and now is getting 20 mpg is consuming 25% more gasoline now. Therefore it is emitting more carbon by products. So what is happening, visual pollution may be down but it appears non visual pollution is up. If carbon is truly responsible for global warming then the laws the greenies got congress to pass are creating the problem rather than helping to solve.
So I look at this then I look at who is making money off of these laws and where is the money trail lead. Environmentalism appears to of shot us in the foot or some other place.
What is upsetting is these people do not see themselves as being part of the problem.
So what are we really doing to ourselves, who should we listen to, where is the truth?

Something to Ponder.


6 thoughts on “Something Be Missing

  1. As an ardent car hater John you can imagine my response to this post. I wish I could wave a magic wand and make them all disappear. Yes we’d all have to get by then with public transport but we all managed before the car came along and I am sure we could all manage again.
    The whole world is now planned around the blasted car! Supermarkets miles away, your place of work, miles away, and everyone always assumes that we all have one.
    I am glad that I am not a car owner or contribute to global warming either.

  2. Hi John was over at spaces trying to make more contacts for who moved to wordpress and see you have a post here as well. I say get rid of the gas period and try to find something else with the cars. WE soo have to get away from the use of oil no matter what.

  3. There’re only six pictures in the series at this location of Square Butte, John. But one includes trains and is well done. Worth the visit.

  4. who should we listen to?…I don’t know, so many voices with so many theories, and so many who are just scared of losing their hold of the money earner … surely there must be an alternative that’s non toxic and easier to live with…The car will always be around, no doubt about it, I can’t see a day when everyone is reliant on public transport or cycling, no sense, there’s not enough buses or cycles..or even the willingness to try it out.. The car rules…end of…but clean it up..How?I haven’t a clue..but someone must have a few notions… xPenx

  5. For me ,I suppose we the citizens of this planet have lots to learn and undestand about the climate changes. We can’t stop climate changes but we can learn to lessen or stop the damages cause by us human beings in this planet.
    take care …connied

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