Well, It Showed up…. Now What?

My mail in ballot showed up this week, I glanced through it then sat it down.  I have a pretty good of who I was going to vote for and a few were question marks.  the end of next week I place my X’s and tanke the ballot to the courthouse then go celebrate nothing, just an excuse to have cold brew. 

In small communities many of the offices are not opposed.  Those I do not X, by acclimation they have one unless there is a massive write in.  One thing I do though is vote against the judges.  My feeling is that there needs to be a turnover and most are appointed.

Judges are supposed to follow the law of the land not twist it to fit their views and so often any more the judges twist the law or ignore the rule of the land.  So I vote to not retain them.  I’m in a small minority for most people do not give a second thought to the role judges play in our society.

Even simple criminal cases become precedent when the bench steps outside the law.  When there is a mandatory law, lots of that gets skipped over by the defendant pleading to another charge.  I want judges to take notice that everything they do is not acceptable to me.

My little form of protest.


It’s kind of like the car going across the vacant lot and falling in a mud hole.  Stuck in the muck of politics and the wheels go round and round, spinning off to nowhere.

People get so wrapped up in national politics they lose sight of the local gibberish going on.  Our little community is declining in population but the local government is expanding.  The sales tax rate is equal to the big cities and in some cases higher.  So what is the county returning to the citizens for the buck spent?

When I go in to the courthouse, there are usually 2-4 sitting at the entry flapping the jaw bone.  In the offices one is working, another on the phone with a friend, another playing solitaire on the puter and eventually one asks if I’ve been helped.  What kind of money are we paying them and numerous friends and acquaintances have been laid off.  Here the government workers are paid more then their counterpart in the private sector yet they have not volunteered in any way to help those who not working.  to me pay cuts should be forthcoming and or short term furloughs.  It galls me that the government is pushing unemployment/food stamps but the bureaucrats keep on drawing a tax payer funded pay check.  May we could get the bureaucrats on food stamps and the dole for a year or two to maybe understand what they have created.

Oh well I have my ballot and I will use it and see where the country goes.  Personally I feel as a country we are at a crossroads and it will be interesting what road the voters decide to take.



Being clock eyed i will mark time and listen to some more pabulum that the politicians feed us.  They say what we want to hear then do totally opposite of that.  One of the reasons I kind of dread this time of year.

Somehow we need to get the politicians responsive to the people not just the special interest groups and big money.


How many of ya’ll are going to vote?


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