Political Choices

One of the comments I hear so often, “There is no difference between the Democrats and the Republicans.” Well there is some difference, it is that the line between the two was not real clear and the people just rolled along come election day, not really caring one way or the other. As voters we need to step back and look at what kind of country we want to live in and come November that choice will be for us. The United States became a country of great strength and economic power because of the individuals that lived and worked in the country. In the process of becoming a country of great wealth and power a lots of envy and jealousy rose up.
Today we have a President that is in apologetic mode because of what this country has grown to be. Why does one have to apologize for being successful? What drives a person to be an apologetic, one of the biggest factors is for control and manipulation. The President is very astute at manipulation, one just need to listen, then watch how he reacts to criticism. Being a President one should expect criticism and embrace it, not berate it.
Obama has been accused of being a Marxist among other labels. When one looks at what he has done and his behavior one can see why he would be called a Marxist. Marx wanted the economy controlled by the government plus other facets of the personal life of the citizens. As more and more intrusions in to private life are made by the government one can see Marxism at work. Unlike Russia there is not an overt revolution, instead it has been a slow process of stripping individual freedoms and placing individual responsibilities on to the government. No longer will we have to worry about health care, the government will provide it, no longer will we have to worry about jobs, the government will provide, either food stamps/welfare or agency jobs. As the jobs in the government sector expanded, the welfare rolls expanded. For every job the government created, about 5 jobs were lost in the private sector. Then that is what the Marxist wants, control of the population.
So when we go to the polls the question will be, as a country do we want to continue that direction, if so we will vote for the incumbents, if we want change we will vote for the challenger. If we want change this is one of those times party affiliation will have to be put aside because voting for the incumbent is a yes vote for continuation of where the country is headed.
The other thing to deal with is the bent towards communism. Communism in the United States is nothing new, it has been around for more than a century. During the early 1900’s communism was very overt. There was the communist party and they were running candidates across the country and came close to becoming a dominant party. There was also a movement in Europe to install Marxism in the countries of Europe. A group of elite intellectuals had been meeting in the universities of Europe and their plan was to take Marxism back to their home country and impose it. The outbreak of WWI stalled the movement and Marxism was put on the back burner except in Russia where Lenin led the revolution and imposed Marxism/communism. In the process million and millions of Russian citizens were killed who opposed the Lenin regime.
Would of the same thing happened in the United States….. It was possible because conditions were ripe for a revolution in the US. One of the biggest things is class jealousy and the working class of the 1800’s into the 1900’s were used and abused at their jobs and the Marxists used this to foster more discontent and used the axiom of equality for all people to push their agenda.
When I look at the conflict of today I am reminded of years ago. History is repeating itself. Will we avoid once again becoming a communist country, I hope so. It will be a tough pill to swallow for a few to admit that communism has reared its ugly head again. There is a lure to communism that many idealists cling to, even when it has proven to be a failure. Keep in mind, socialism is no longer socialism when the government steps in and takes over. Socialism is a collective where everybody has a part and a voice. Under government control the voice is quashed and the government directs how to live life.
Now the question is, will the Democrats be able to get control of their party back and bring some leader back like Kennedy and Truman, Presidents who were willing to live under the law of the land and follow the constitution. This will probably make a few donkeys unhappy but they are the ones who lost it, they are letting the neo communists control their party.
It will be interesting to see how the country votes. Do I need to prepare for rule of totalitarian despots or will some the freedoms be restored. The United States is at a fork in the road of its history, which path will it choose?


2 thoughts on “Political Choices

  1. I made it, can access the site now, let’s hope it stays that way! Great blog, glad I am allowed to read this, Blogger is still out, migrated my old site here to WordPress now, see ya around.

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