Random thoughts for the Weekend

Take a bit a reflect on the past and see what is ahead. It is here and now and I can but see the past and live now. The past does lead my steps as I progress into the unknown of tomorrow.
Whoa, what brought that on. HeHe, I was browsing through some of my pictures from the past year and particular this spring. doing some calculation I have taken over 3000 pictures so far this year. Gotta love digital, if had been the old 35mm slides or prints, I would of spent a fortune.

One of the fun things I like to capture are the clouds. They float overhead, rolling cotton balls, swirling storms or the change on the way. In the spring there is new growth struggling to emerge and the clouds signal these changes how they travel the sky. Are they collecting into a storm, is snow on the way and the warm air keeps pushing the clouds higher into the sky.

The trees are still barren, leaves lying in the branches for there is still touches of ice in the water. Grassland still dormant, waiting the warm breezes of spring.

Grabbing the sun rays for warmth the trees wait for the breath of air to release the water.

I took a stroll down memory lane remembering my trips from last spring. Today the weather is changing again. There were brief showers this morning and this evening a cold wind is howling outside. Thunder heads went drifting by to the north, drops spattered on the window momentarily. I sit here tapping the keys listening to the change of the season. the cycles of life with very little variation. Soon the leaves will be gone and the land will go dormant for the winter. Birds have been pausing briefly on their southern journey, butterflies have flitted about grabbing last bits of nectar from a few flowers left. With camera I have been on the back roads capturing this change. Will I go through this reflection next spring?

As water I flow on, moving onto my final destination. A few spatters, some gurgles and giggles. Life is not always a joy. There are agony’s, pain, valleys and anger, through it all life goes on.

To bad the politician’s couldn’t roll along in life rather then trying to control it. One of the big pits and it keeps getting deeper. Soon I’ll have only my pictures to remember what sunlight looks like.

Hope this finds ya’ll havin’ a good weekend and that it charges up your battery for the upcoming week.

May God bless you and be your companion throughout the coming days.


2 thoughts on “Random thoughts for the Weekend

  1. Hi John..just wanted to let you know, I enjoyed this post very much. How very true your words are..Ty for joining me on yahoo or else I could not have found this wonderful post. I have tried wordpress and Blogger.. but it didnt take with me.. to complicated lol… but then I am just a simple gal. Take care my friend.. have a good weekend and may God lead you every step of the way.

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