Mumblings n Grumblings n such things

There are times I want to run out into the street yelling…..”The World is not Fair.” Then that would be one of my truest statements. Yes I have to admit the world is not fair. I have to lump it and live with what I have. To lose something though brings that comment back to the frontal lobe. When windows Live Spaces made a batch of changes a few months back all kinds of gremlins crept in. No longer was WLS an easy place to navigate and meet people. Things were getting lost or not posted, then the hackers began ripping things up. Microsoft had a great and unique place but like so many youngsters, they think that any change is good. The geeks did not work through the changes nor understand what the consequences would be. Personally I’m surprised a blood sucker has not taken them to court. Microsoft talks about terms of service policy, a type of contract. A contract is a two way street and when party violates the agreement, there is the question of liability. So if the changes harmed any of the WLS users……. Microsoft may be in deep water and I don’t know it.

So here I am at WordPress. I’m going to have to start anew and see where this new adventure takes me. I’ll change the name of my blog site, something more fitting. I like courtyard, may go back to that.. What i hope is I can maintain contact with most of the people from WLS. I opened a bog on Google’s Blogger and it is okay, a few from WLS are there but it is not the same ambience as WLS was. See if WordPress ambience will be friendly as WLS used to be, also there are the graphics, the visits and comments. How to follow all of this now will take a learning curve on my part.

On to other things.

The little white feathery things are the seed pods for buffalo grass. It was the staple grass on the prairie and provides all the essential nutrients to the herbivores that browse on it, the buffalo, now bovines. It is very drought resistant with roots reaching into the ground hundreds of feet. All winter long the browsers will feed on the brown grasses keeping their bellies full through the bitterness of winter. A simple plant that carries so much importance to life. Oh there are other grasses but none as versatile as this one.

Fall brings the changes to the land to prepare it for spring. The old dies off the be the food for the fresh shoots of spring. In different to the passing train the horses go about chomping the green grass that the leaves of autumn bring.

If you go to wordPress with your blog, leave a link so I can add it to the subscription page.

Have a great week and may the bird of paradise leave you no whitewash.


9 thoughts on “Mumblings n Grumblings n such things

  1. Hey John,
    You sure hit the nail on the head. WLS had a good thing going and blew it. Now they send us here, which while it’s not a bad place to be, is just not the same. I have a site here too, although I have yet to post on it, and one in blogger. I have your blogger site saved and I’ll add this one tonight. I haven’t done much visiting ’cause I’m still setting things up but I’ll get into it soon. In fact, I found this post on facebook.

    I guess what really irked me was that WLS didn’t give us other choices as to where to move our blogs to. Oh well, as you saqid, the geeks have spoken and as usual we are left to suck it up.

    Take John and I’ll visit again soon.

    aka R U Serious

  2. Well I r4ad an article written by Mircosoft and they had 30 million users worldwide, but very little users in the U.S.A where they are not popular and WordPress is used by most Americans. Still it isn’t good enough reason to go shutting up shop. Money would be the most likely reason. WLS was far more superior that wordpress in the richness you could do your site and blogs. I don’t know why Americans choose not to use WLS.

    Hugs Lady Jude

  3. Hey ther John..I really loved being part of the WLS space community, for that’s what it was or at least felt like to me. I met some great people over there, your good self included, but after all the changes finded myself visiting less and less..
    I still have my blog via Blogger, and whether it gets read or not I still find myself adding to it. I find it’s the same with WordPress..I’ve been here for a while too. Again no one really visits, but that could be due to the content and the fact there’s so much ot there. Who knows. What I do know is WLS changed and the changes weren’t good.
    I shall miss it and all the friends I made over there..thankfully many of them are still around via Facebook etc..

    Autumn is upon us over here..I love this time of year and the changes that happen all around us..Soon be time for cosying up indoors..Can’t wait.

    Here’s a link to one of my Worpress sites as requested…It’s mainly poetry /songs I’ve written and the like. My WLS is almost done moving here so shall send you that link as and when it’s sorted out.

    Have a great day John xx

  4. Hello John,
    It’s really a sad thing for us all WSL users for this very big change. WLS was a unique site For us all users.Now I’m here in the learning process.
    Good luck and I hope for the better…
    take care …connie

  5. HI there John,
    I agree with every word. Someone, somewhere has a lot to answer for… WLS had a companionable feeling, almost of uniqueness in the world of the lowly blogger, and they broke it apart, without due thought it seems. I’m not getting the same feeling @ Blogger, there’s a strangeness, but then a new start always brings that feeling I suppose. Here @ WordPress it’s a mystery tour of what’s this do? and that?.. and yesterday I was like a kiddie in a sweetshop..trying anything and everything. It’s a wonder I’m still up ‘n’ running, but I am enjoying the experience.
    ‘Tis Autumn here, plants are shrivelling, dying, shaking off their summer coats and making way for Winter. Isn’t it strange how the simple things in life are the most important?..Break a little cog and all hell could break loose..XPenx…aka LadyP..aka *Penpusherpen…(*a try out , and I can’t repeal it apparently!!)

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