Random Nothing

The Kansas state flower has become a secondary crop for farmers.  Across the fruited plain can be seen rolling fields of yellow outlined in green.  Giant blooms droop on tall stalks, no longer able to follow the sun.  Yellow faces facing to the east gathering the rays of rising Ole Sol.
Soon they will be in a truck headed for a processing plant.  Becoming oil or littering the floor of a baseball dug out.  For now it is a carpet of yellow tinged in green.
What a future for what was once a weed.
For this time of year temps have been moderate, high 80’s n low 90’s, which is almost pleasant.  Needing some moisture though, things are drying out.  The green carpet will turn brown shortly getting ready for fall.
…………………….other notes
Had a struggle getting pictures loaded into the blogs today.  Things have changed for the worse again.  Loaded 30 some pictures yesterday and took almost half hour to get them posted.  Used to take a few minutes.  Internet explorer is still acting up and freezing.  Loaded google chrome and I am having less problems, now it is a learning curve.
Took a short trip past week gathering material and sight seeing.  Keep forgetting how many small towns there are.  Most have old decayed buildings left over from the dirty thirties that make for some great pictures.  I took almost 200 photos, now I have to sort them out and post into some sites.
End of year and the flies are hatching.  Man are they pesky.  Then living next to the pastures and horses it’s to be expected.
Hope your weekend is progressing as you want.

12 thoughts on “Random Nothing

  1. I bet those sun flowers are a sight.Enjoyed chapter 3, and especially the water fight! What a great end to a rough day on the trail.

  2. Hey John, The seeds of Summer are now converted to oil. One way to keep slicks out of the Gulf of Mexico. Will stroll by and take a look at you photos of the dirty thirties. Horses, pastures, and pesky flies. It all adds up for me. Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend. Smiles~

  3. This old bird is getting better by the day! Thanks for your comment. Hope your picture-posting adventures get easier for you and keep that story goin’!As I said, getting better if I can keep the doctors in line. Have a good week!

  4. Hello John, oh how magical a field of sunflowers. How amazing. Wut? Rain? YVR-ites are selling umbrella collections on eBray. It is unfortunate for we need rain.

  5. Especially for the 300 or so fires throughout province. Just oddly burning, burning. Can be considered renewal but so many evacuations of towns (small, middle-sized) and disruptions for people’s lives. Rain would be great but no clouds in YVR at this Full Moon

  6. 200 photos? You must have enuff items for a local history book? I should follow your example and be out photo hunting so I can reduce reliance this winter on Graphic from Microsoft Clipart Downloads

  7. Oh I would love to the that site of fields of sunflowers. I raise a some as well.. This year I don’t have so many but they are all opening up right now. I just love them. Well summer is slowing coming to and end and there is a nip in the air. Hope you have a great week. Hugs Carrie

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