Your Tax Dollars At Work

Taxes are spent for all types of things, including doing nothing….. yep that’s right getting money for doing nothing.
If you look closely at this picture you’ll see tax dollars floating on the horizon.
On second look if you see nothing…. you see correctly.
This is set aside land called CRP, Conservation Reserve Program.  CRP is a government program that pays farmers and ranchers for not using their land.  The land is just to set there and collect money for the land owner.  Every year the government sends checks to the landowners that are in the program.  This includes: European, Middle East, Russia, China, South America, et all.  These people get the government checks as well as the locals, and there are large tracts of land held by foreign interests in the area that checks in the mid 6 figure range.
There have been various types of farm and ranch programs over the years and none of them were real successful.  Lots of people refer to them as farmer welfare, which makes the farmer or rancher mad yet it is this same person that cries about the city welfare programs.  It’s almost as if…. I can get a government check but you can’t.  Second is the crying about the foreigners getting the checks.
Have no idea how much money is involved but I would guess it is in the billions.
So question is are you getting anything for this tax money being spent for doing nothing?
It is in part justified as a national defense type program and or a green program…… and just maybe……?
One of the things is people pay their taxes and most of the time have very little idea where it is all being spent.  April 15th, send the money in.
So much money is funneled through the Federal government one can see why there can be corruption so easy, especially if we elect greedy SOB’s.
This is one program that could be eliminated and nobody would be hurt.  I;m sure there would be lots of crocodile tears.
So if you had an extra 5 bucks to spend every month instead of the politicans…. what decision would you make, keep your money or send it to DC?
Tax money growing a fire hazard.  Got an extra buck ya want to throw away?

7 thoughts on “Your Tax Dollars At Work

  1. No, I don’t have any extra money to throw at such stupidity but the problem is they don’t much care if I want to or not. They’re working on forcing it all through things like cap and trade…or should I say crap and trade? Make no mistake the global warming nazis care nothing about the planet unless it has something to do with getting money and power…and that my friend was delivered to you free.

  2. What was it that Leonard Cphen wrote? "The rich have their channels in the houses of the poor." Ever read "Bait and Switch?" This carbon tax is nothing more than redistribution of wealth, among many other schemes.

  3. They were once trying to charge the farmers here in New Zealand Fart tax, due to all the harm their farting animals had on global warming. Have a lovely dayhugs Lady J

  4. Hey John, Did you take these pictures? There is tax on tax, at least some of the US farmers are getting some money back. Thanks for sharing what I’ve been saying for 50-years; things are not right in this world. Smiles~

  5. I grew up on a farm, I hate this deplorable action of fraud, waste, and abuse. It used to be a government check on the commodities market to keep food supplies balanced and prevent collapse based on oversupply. It is the reason I am here in China working in IT and not on my family farm raising hogs, thanks to corn farmers getting paid to not plant corn and plant soybeans which they sold for profit getting 2 checks, while we had to pay for more corn, it can’t go on forever…

  6. these are all my photographs… unless otherwise noted.Cap n trade is another issuequestion—– where does all the money come from…….?

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