The Red Rocks

Went to the big city of Denver this past week.  Take care of some business and goof off some.  To the west of Denver is a Denver City Park called Red Rocks.  It is an outcropping of rocks that is part of a formation that stretches along the front range of Colorado from Wyoming to New Mexico.  It is part of the formation that created Garden of the God’s park in Colorado Springs.
Between a pair of huge rock formations an amphitheater was built.  Between the rocks is natural acoustics and the view of the plains is breathtaking.  Seating is about 7000.  concerts of all types are held there as well as Easter Sunrise Services
The bears will be prowling around shortly as the choke cherries are ripe.  These boulders are the north and south side of the theater.  Reach into the air over 500 feet.

Rock climbing was popular but so many fell of or were stranded it had to be banned.

Stretching skyward the rocks stretch.  It is easy to climb…. then there is getting down… oops.


The rock in the foreground is the stage backdrop for the theatre.  through the haze in the distance can be seen Denver’s skyline and the plains.  The tree dotted ridge is the hogback, a division between the plains and the foothills.

Not many house were built up there because lack of water and steep hillsides.  that didn’t stop them from putting com towers up there though.  The foothills look like a kid with an erector set has been up there having fun.


Red Rocks is interesting from a geology point and it is a cool place to tour.  There are trails and signage plus the tourist gift traps..



14 thoughts on “The Red Rocks

  1. Very excellent photos as always John, there’s always a story in your posts wether that be something you’re saying or taking a picture of…love it. Hope you have a very blessed day.

  2. Sounds like you had a great day John. Breathtaking view … thank you for sharing and describing your view. It would be awesome to be there during a concert. :)

  3. Oh that looks beautiful John. Your photos took me right there. I can’t imagine what a concert would sound like there.Thanks for sharing your trip.

  4. Oh that looks beautiful John. Your photos took me right there. I can’t imagine what a concert would sound like there.Thanks for sharing your trip.

  5. Thanks for the story/photo travel tour. Did not know of site and love to imagine Easter Sunrise services at such a spectacular site.

  6. Love the photo of upwards view through the wild grass. These are beautiful photographs and the view makes me wish had travelled further south in Wyoming when doing a Saskajewajah (sp) bit of research.

  7. Dear John, the sanctuary displacedmade me think/question why more church servicesnot held out-of-doors so that the rejoicinghappens in full view of God’s creation.Also came by to visit because a curiousphenomena of extended comments todayat WLS?Wut?

  8. O.K. this is almost disconcerting after beinga highly cranky and specific word rationingand brain compressed to think compressed thoughtsand not speak too much or too freelydespite mythologies of freedom of expressionand expression freely but today (August 11, 2010)there is a loosening of restrictivenesssuch I almost feel giddywith delight.Do I dream?

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