Fourth Fireworks…. Ice Cubes


The fourth had some of Mother Nature’s fireworks that evening.  One of those storms with boiling clouds, howling winds and buckets of rain rumbled across the village.  The lightning flashes were about every 15 seconds and the occasional bolt of lightning.  It was a constant rumble as the thunder rolled in and out of the clouds, no real sharp canon blasts.  I shut things down and sat in the front room watching the buckets of water thrown at me, clouds churning like waves upside down on the sky.  My hope was that none were spinning.  Not much to do but watch as the rain fell in torrents.  There was over an inch of rain in an hour……. durn no fireworks that night.


Next day I see where the neighboring towns had even more rain, but it was sold rain in chunks like tennis balls and more then Wimbledon could use.  I went over there yesterday and oh was it a sad sight.  Sidewalks were carpeted with green from the torn up trees.  North facing windows were gone, skylights shattered, roofs pummeled and decorations broken.  It was an insurance nightmare and a contractor’s bounty.  Adjusters were showing up, roofers were cruising and there were buzzards floating about.  Out in the fields crops were destroyed and the wheat harvest was just beginning.  Insurance money will be around the town and be a small stimulus for the local economy, not much government money.  Like one guy said, I won’t be saying much when I send my check in for insurance next month.


Mother Nature has power that politician’s can only talk about although a few politico’s like to think they are powerful gods.


The following day on the fifth the fireworks went off.  I sat in the patio door, relaxed, had a cold one and enjoyed.  Life was good for a moment until the pounding of yesterday came around again.  I went over there and helped a friend do some clean up and fix a few things.  Half his garden is gone after so much work, a brief moment and bang a pile of greenery.  Life will go on, pieces will be picked up and parts will be patched..


6 thoughts on “Fourth Fireworks…. Ice Cubes

  1. Hi John, Sounds like you had some nasty weather. I hope there was no loss of life due to the storms. It is sad for those who suffer the hardships caused by such unpredicable storms. We are having a heatwave right now. Toronto had a black out the other day. Ya just never know whats coming at us these days. Take care John.

  2. NO matter what happens, no matter what we humans are capable of…Mother Nature will always win through, and like most mothers she can be so, so, stern… Have we shifted the balance too far?.Have we somehow altered the climate or is it, as some say, just a revolving thing, that the climate goes through these periodic cycles and we just haven’t here as passengers to witness it? Who knows for sure?… So sad to see so much devastation, but life goes on.. XLadyPx

  3. The storms relented for us so we had a few sprinkles and let us do our own fireworks…I’m grateful for this however we’ve paid with days of cold and rain…just today it’s letting up some. We’ve all changed since the tornado on Father’s Day…respect the wind.

  4. So sorry to hear of wreckage/damage of storms.Apt reminder you give of who is truly powerfulreminds of children’s story of the sun and the windarguing about who could control man’s will.

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