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A Reality Check

Read a great hedline,”Obama vows to end homelessness in ten years.” Geesh how many times have I heard that in the past centuries. I’ve heard this from so many politicians it is scary. A great topic for those with bleeding hearts, yet it one of the biggest falsehoods ever perpetrated on the general population.
There can be a reduction and easement of the problem but to eliminate it, nope. Most of the homeless I have met and been around live that way by choice and most of them will not change. Being homeless is a subculture to itself, they have a life most do not want yet being homeless offers a freedom lots can not grasp. There are those who have lost homes because of job problems and want to get back on their feet. Those people should be helped because they want help. Others do not want help and it would be nice for the government to leave them alone, unless they inflict harm on another person in some fashion…. Then that is another issue.
Ever heard the saying, “You can lead a horse to water but can not make him drink.” This is true of so many homeless; most just want to be left alone.
The liberal left wing Marxists can not accept this, they have an attitude that they have the right way to live life and they will impose it on everybody, one way or other. So the liberal/Marists say they will pass laws to fix the problem, well what they perceive as a problem. They have the arrogance to believe that man will jump up and follow the law. There is the impression that if a law is passed people will follow it, no matter how ugly the law is.
Social issues, step back and look how society like to deal with relationships, including homeless, pass a new law, that will resolve the conflict. Well is there really that big of a conflict.
I see it as the two percent rule: If two percent of the population is not living the way I perceive their lifestyle should be, then I will pass a law imposing my will on them.”
Look at the issue being raised over salt and obesity. These are personal reasonability issues but there are some in the government that do not see it that way. So to the laws they go to impose their will on all because a small minority is not living the lifestyle the liberal/Marxist wants. 2% of the people or less and they want a law across the board to impact all.
From this I can see how the term Nanny State was coined. This group of people perceives others as being incompetent and can not make decisions for themselves therefore big brother will show you how to live.

As long as there is no skin off another’s nose what right does the government have to tell me how to live? What is wrong with living in a cardboard shack under a bridge or in the woods?
Pie in the Sky…….. Vows to end homelessness in ten years….. What a joke… Unless he is a god?

8 thoughts on “My Lifestyle —- Yours… Choices

  1. Rhetoric so vacuous it defies gravity.
    Homelessness ever evident symptom of class war/struggle.
    Choice to be without mortgage and support of utility piggies (oink)? Yes’um.
    Putting those with health/medical issues street bound due to cutbacks
    and bureaucrat nightmares? Inhuman.
    Love the blog rants John

  2. Thank you for being brave enough to find me in WLS. LOL, glad a worm hole was open. I noticed you managed quite a lengthy comment at WLS and I am wondering if WLS has extended word count surreptitiously without telling anyone.

    Happy Fourth of July [Image a cool graphic]

    I note you have all of your blogs to 2008 in archives? How did that happen? Very cool

    Big Smiles

  3. Thank you for most stimulating chat throughout today. I can see I need to be better informed about current events re. reporting (or not) this environmental armageddon. See you tomorrow as it is sleep time. Big Smiles God Bless

  4. You’re right… that is rather pie in the sky… everyone wants to do something to help. The problem is that the only way to help is to put more money into it. That means more taxes. I don’t mind paying more taxes, because I think we should take care of the people of this country and most of the homeless are people who are mentally unstable and unable to afford their meds and unable to take care of themselves. There are many adjectives used to describe this “socialization” and the like. The bottom line for me, tho, is that the good book says to take care of your fellow man and by that I think it’s the responsibility of the Country to take care of it’s people. Stop giving money to every country out there and start using it to make a better place for those in the USA.

  5. Good post John. I’ve always thought the term nanny state was a dead ringer for this day and time. Managed behavior has always been the goal of our busy social engineers. From the dumbing down of our public schools to the bad is good philosophies belted out twenty four hours a day from our entertainment industry, we’ve been packaged neatly for mass control. There is no moral indignation for the present condition of our society because there are no absolutes. A population with no moral compass and no sense of history ain’t gonna be too hard to control. Feed them cake and drive them to the polls. Now, that is where their choices affect my lifestyle.

  6. Just wandering through…looking for new rant which I always enjoy. Nanny State…perhaps a reason? Although not reasonable… In Canada, reason for varieties of legislation related to escalating health care costs re. ‘choices’ made. Granted individuals/families pay monthly fees for Federal/national healthcare but not equal to costs of physicians, labs, hospitals, etcetera. What to do when people make irresponsible choices which do cost real tax dollars for everyone? Just shut down Mickey Ds?

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