Sit in my little abode and read, listen and watch all the discourse about the gulf oil float.  Everybody is hollering at the US government…..do something.  Step back and look at things.  In reality what can the US do to stop the leak.  Does the government have some secret plug stashed away someplace or is there a high tech cap stored in area 51?  What does the US government have to help stop the crude oil flow?

                On the surface the US government does have some responsibility to help clean up the gulf.  There are treaties in place covering international water, so there should be others involved.  British Petroleum is not the sole perpetrator of this mess, BP is the lead company of a group of oil companies, so what other companies are going to help?  The whole process is a tangled web and because of that there is lots of finger pointing but very little action. 

                The politicians are showing us how incompetent they are as most of them are as usual….. full of hot air.  The bureaucrats are right in there with them.

                So to get things done a few people are going to have to step forward and wave a big stick.  Not sure who but it won’t be Obama, he is only waving his big tongue.

                The gulf coast should be a priority of the government to protect but I have seen very few reports of boom work.  Did read today they are burning oil and that will help some, it will take the pressure off of the waters and habitat.  Smoke is less damaging to the environment then crude oil is.  Second should have been protection of the livelihoods of the people along the coast.  One the things our government is to do is help its people and protect them.  Right now Uncle Sam is not doing a very good job.

                There have been snide remarks that Obama is not helping the states along the coast because they voted against him.  Personally I believe there is some substance to that.  I see lots of Chicago style politics in the way it is being handled.  If the accusations can be shown to be true it will be a scandal beyond anything this country has went through.

                Along these lines why hasn’t help that has been offered from various countries, companies and entities been accepted?  There are lots of things that are going on behind closed doors and I feel we are only being fed a small portion of information, there are other things afoot… but what?

                Out of this I hope as a country we step back and look at our political system and what it can do and what it can not do.  We go crying far too much to Big Brother to fix things or take care of us.  As a society have we become that incompetent?


                                                                Other things

                Spaces may wake up and get rid of a few things and restore a few things.  They have lost a bunch of people and it will cost them some in revenue.  Out of 187 million spaces it is only a drop and they may gain it back.  They are in competition with FB where there are over 300 million bodies.  What’s ironic is the changes have helped FB and some of the other networks as the disgruntled ones have left to open other pages with other networks.  As long as WLS keeps making changes without input and dialogue with their users they will keep feeding new customers to other networks.  Will be posted other places and or links.


                With the nasty weather gone, yesterday was gorgeous, clear blue skies, temp in the low 80’s and slight breeze.  With the storm came the rains and the grasses are green.  Flower covered green fields to the horizon.  It was a great day to be out and about.  Today the wind has picked up so another set of storms brewing.  This morning was foggy and cool, the wind is hot and things are drying out again, temp in the 90’s.  Isn’t weather so much fun.


                                Wherever you may be, say a prayer for the people along the gulf coast.


19 thoughts on “UNDER THE WATER

  1. I’ve watched the mess with the oil pouring into the ocean with real dismay. I knew that cap & tradce would raise its ugly head and sure enough there it was. Like you say it’s a lot of empty talk and hot air but that cap & trade stuff could end up being just like health care where the crisis causes something to pass in the heat of a moment that actually causes further damage. I echo your sentiment about spaces and I’m so sorry about it.

  2. I am with you 100% T he government needs to step aside and let those who know what to do and how to handle it take over. I was just reading about the other countries that have the equipment to clean up this mess have turned away. I wonder why?Good story John

  3. John, Last night the Obama Oval Office talk to the nation about the disaster in the Gulf made me think that perhaps he should get a new speach writer or a new job. This man made disaster may indeed change the world more than any can imagine. In the mean time, as ever be well my friend

  4. John – the oil is literally at my back door. The first the gov could have done was authorized the sand burmes when we asked for them – always easier to clean sand than marsh. But they said they would have to study the effect the sand would have on the environment – HELLO???

  5. Then they could have funded enough to put booms in all the areas instead of just the headline areas – in my area we have NO booms. Then they could have left the oilfield alone. FOREVER the environment and oilfield have gotten along, this is a disaster no doubt, but having lost our seafoodand tourism industry the one remaining industry is the oilfield and the Pres is shutting it down…Trust me his actions are hurting as much as the disaster itself.

  6. It hurts everytime I have to think about what is happening with the oil spill. They should have been prepared, it was a given that it would happen one day. Dreamers and Skeamers that’s all they are. Wake up too the real world and what will happen to it if things continue as they do.

  7. Agree, no magic tap or faucet.This ecocide is beyond my brain capacity to comprehend.Sure, closed door talk or head scratching?Re WLS whether Wave 3,4,5 this is another faceless corporationand consumers have to shop with their feet.

  8. Blue Ribbon panel recommendation from Exxon oil spills, ignored. Response by feds, spin control and focus group reactions, nothing proactive – like calling BP! The impact of this disaster should have been minimal had things been done as law dictated. Want to see fast action to clean things up? Offer 5 years of business tax breaks to the company that cleans up the most oil in 90 days, you will see the mess gone or drastically reduces, carrots work better then sticks.

  9. It seems to me that whenever something like this happens, we’re reminded that the eco-structure of this planet is intertwined and complex….and that man is the monster here… any mistakes he makes has a knock on effect…and I hate to think how far reaching this latest catastrophe will take us., Us and the wildlife that will be decimated through the leaking hole of black gold…

  10. WLS seems content on dragging Spaces kicking and screaming to the social networking scene, regardless of what the ‘users’ want or require…Wonder what we’ll see when the dust settles?.. in both cases… LadyPxHad to split this comment in two, ‘Shorten it’ I was instructed!!

  11. Yes John my dear friend seems for the last few years there is such sufferring on the gulf coast it breaks my heart and sadly so many hurts going on here at wls,, facebook to meet as well and gosh darn no another morning without my farmville good its not real money, eh? dee

  12. i heard that there were offers from other countries to help the cleanup, but our government turned them down with the typical bravado of ‘we can handle it’ attitude. the beau is working for a company making and selling boom by the mile for the clean up. he told me about it.k☼

  13. @Kirstin… it wasn’t our government that turned them down, it was BP. And… the Government has stepped in and overrode that decision and other governments are coming to help now.

  14. In all cases, it’s been BP who has been in control, not the government. They’re the ones that have turned down help. They’re the ones that have put minimal people out there to clean up as a cost saving maneuver…

  15. Working in the Industry, for me, really keeps me in the loop. It’s always you know someone who either is working for BP or has a family member who is…

  16. One thing…… The government could of been protecting the beaches…. etc. When there is a fire the fire dept. does not sit and watch the fire……Which is what the feds have been doing… sitting there watchingInternational waters is under diff law then hereso out in the gulf feds don’t have much say but they do have the coast and inlands…

  17. The only reason for deep ocean drilling is that is where the government will allow the drilling to take place, we have enough oil to meet current demands for 50 years on our own soil and in shallow water, deep drilling is only done because they won’t allow new permits onshore or in shallower water, where extraction can be done safer, cheaper, and more efficiently. Wonder why that is, to get rid of fossil fuel use all together, its a shame really.

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