Boy did windows ever screw up.  Big time screw up.  Most people have a comfort zone and unless  things are broken they do not like change.  then that’s why they voted for Obama, the political system is broken.  Was Spaces broken, what was wrong with it???????   ???
There is mindset out there that feels change is an improvement, so they change to change, no consideration for anybody else.  Well Spaces changed, well not really.  Microsoft is an imitator and that’s what they have done with spaces, imitating FB and MySpace.
Windows Live was unique and different, no longer.  Yes it had its problems but at least not lots of hackers.
Imitation, consider: Apple had windows before Microsoft did as an OS.  Microsoft was the disc presser for the Apple OS and there was an agreement for some years that Microsoft would not produce a copy  but years later Microsoft came out with a copy.  Now look at how similar Windows 8 is to the Apple.
windows Live Spaces has shot themselves in the foot…….. ouch.
Hopefully they will wake up an restore some the features and get rid of some of the new crap.

19 thoughts on “My TWO CENTS

  1. Change can be good too or else things get stale I guess. Some improvements but I liked it better over a year ago.I remember Bill saying years ago nobody would need more than 64k…..LOL!!!!

  2. Wave 3. Wave 4. How much more?WL is/was unique, especially small features but there is always, it seems, need to revolutionize…Been out cyberstrolling and see a migration similar to Wave 3 times and am surprised at how many alreadyhad another word press or blogspot or other blogSo I investigate alternativesBit of a drag this whole thing

  3. Kind of reminds me of our government. They think they know what is best for us, so they go ahead and make all these radical changes and then, everything they touch, they totally screw up.

  4. I’m about at the end of my rope with them messing with WLS just when we become very familiar with the version before. The technology is going to cost them in the long run, and I may just be one that bails. I don’t know who they are listening to, but it’s not the users. Have to contemplate this further before I act. Messing with a good thing "never" makes it better. Shame on Windows and it’s geeks.

  5. I’m running into multiple issues, finding Groups/Spaces was a fun adventure. Now our comments are restricted, bad for me because I write a lot! At least Hotmail still has the old format for getting around, nice heads up on WL part though, noting like have a change happen OVERNIGHT!

  6. HI, I think WLS thinks it needs to ‘keep pace’ with the rest of social networking,…not realising it’s main fan base just want to blog and leave comments, in Guestbooks (be it picture & gif or just words) or at the end of someone’s posted entry… As you say, people have their comfort zone and mess with it at your peril!!…LadyPx

  7. At Lady Penelope…right on. There’s a few on here dedicated to bloggingand Guest Booking and then wham-O. Looked at some other blog platformsbut can’t seem to locate one with the GB feature for heightened creativity.

  8. @Happy FlowerBecause of privacy setting I cannot comment on your posts….. Not sure what to do…. Put the tail bone of WLS up between their ears….man what a screwed up mess

  9. I’m not against with changes because it might be good but the changes made were backwards.I noticed in my WLS calendar, it went back to" 1909".Lol.wish you a peaceful weekend John..have a good day!

  10. John? Anything I post, you or anyone else may use. Those laws were pretty funny, huh??Finally beginning out the new changes.Have a quiet weekend, Bob

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