Hot Air………??????????

Wind Farms


                On the plains of eastern Colorado a new crop is being planted.  Giant windmills are springing up out of the ground to capture the winds that streak across the prairie.  Wheat and corn fields are covered over with roads and concrete pads.  400 foot tall giants are constructed next to the transmission lines.  Aviation charts will be changed to reflect the new hazard reaching into the clouds.

They are sited in such a way to have maxiumn wind capture.  Out across the fileds they stand, as a menace or benelovent gurad?


            For some it is a blessing, others they are a bane and some the hope of a future world.  Electricity from wind is not new it has been for years a way to get electricity to remote isolated spots and capturing the winds energy has been around for centuries.  Wind power for grinding has been used by man since time immemorial. 

            So why hasn’t it been in use for electricity production before.  Cost is one of the biggest factors of producing electricity in mass.  To generate from the wind is about a 3:1 ratio.  Coal fired electricity plants are still the least expensive then gas fired plants.  With the big push for wind turbines and the growing consumption of electricity nuclear is being looked at again.  Nuclear is probably the most cost effective way to produce electricity, it is still the image of nuclear waste to deal with but….

            So what will wind turbines cost us?  First will be the rise in electrical rates then look downstream at everything electricity is used to produce, factories, steel, cars, food, commercial and industrial use and home use.  All will see a dramatic price increase.  So not only will the eclectic bill go up but everything else we use will go up in price.  This may result in more jobs going overseas where they still produce cheap electricity.

A power transmisson grid needs to be nearby to put the electricity into the system.  It can not be stored and only works when the wind is with certain speed parameters.  They do not produce electricity on demand.

Monster machines work the site to unload and erect the towers.  fields will be covered and some will be lost as the giant windmills stand overhead.


            By Federal government mandate the American consumer is going to pay more for their products so we can have the illusion of a green country.  Question, will it really help or is the harm going to be so much we will spend ourselves into poverty?

            Step back and look at another cost of these giant machines.  They take land to sit on plus all the materials to build them.  How much energy is spent in their manufacture and what will be the return on investment.  Will the cost amortize out in less than 5 years, a good rule of thumb for investment.  Lost land, what will that cost?  These massive structures cover about an acre and with service roads and access it will average about 10 acres of lost land.  Therefore 100 towers will consume about 1000 acres.  Multiply that out to the thousands that are built and the thousands under proposal.   Millions of acres of farmland will be lost and pastures.  Not only will food prices go up because of the electrical cost, they will also go up because of lost production of land.


Farms are dwarfed by their size.  If one fails and goes wild the blades can fly as far as a mile away and the sparks set wild fires.  Right now ir is a novel idea and some money in the pockets of the farmers.  What does the future hold, what will the real costs be, what are we rushing into?

            There are so many factors that go into these things that get lost or ignored.  A small group of people have the notion that this is the way to go and are blind to the costs of human suffering it will cause.  The most impacted will be the poor…… It is always the poor that get hit by projects like this.  Have they become the throw away portion of society or is there other factors involved.


15 thoughts on “Hot Air………??????????

  1. Very good questions John.This Green thing is largely political bullshit, not all of it but a lot of it.The impact in my opinion is on the earth that sustains us all, we are simply overpopulating it and exceeding the natural carrying capacity. We will all pay in the end for the excesses of the many.What ever happened to population control?Guess it was just a Hippie notion that isn’t politically appropriate to get the popular vote.But there’s something to be learned…

  2. Great article. I would like to point out something you briefly touched on. The parameters for which the turbines require are very specific. Wind is not blowing enough they have to lock down the wind mills, if it is blowing too much, again they have to lock them down, else they will tear themselves apart. Wind changes direction too quickly, lock them down again as it takes more power to move them then they generate. These puppies need juice to function, where does that come from, coal fired power plants, yep. I like your mentioning the paving over of crop land. Given the push to put corn in gas tanks and the Chinese instead of our dinner tables and you are getting a glum outlook. Oh, and for the jobs portion, guess where these things are manufactured, you got it, here in China, the world’s largest producer of wind mills (and GE in particular). These things are a farce, lets see the wind farm in Maratha’s Vineyard first. Oh, one last parting point. The flicker of light coming from then require a 1/4 mile minimum housing distance, and even then they can cause headaches and require compensation. The raise in electricity rates 4 to 5 times to cover the subsidy will be laughed at in China, India, and Africa as they industrialize and pass us by, all the while polluting many times the waste in a year then we could in a decade, welcome to 3rd world America.

  3. We’ve got these things springing up all over the country on this side of the Atlantic too. Some like em, some don’t and some like them as long as they’re built near somebody else. Lately though they have started to build wind farm out at sea where they aren’t ruining anybody’s hillside. Apparently wave power has huge potential too. Our last goverment was making new nuclear power station noises – lets hope the new one thinks better of that.

  4. I wonder too just what is going to happen. Very good post John. I watched a documentary about water and electricity, was interesting about the falling water and gravity which produces electricity no matter what kind of weather. Then memory thinks of the windmills the farms had. Maybe people ought to use less energy I guess. Looks like we will have to. Maybe only the rich can purchase it.

  5. They are very common here. I think they are very lovely to look at. I didn’t know all of the facts you brought out in this post.

  6. Giants and monsters indeed, with their arms reaching up to the sky, what does the future hold?. I suppose the cost of ‘going green’ of trying different ways of producing enough energy to ‘feed’ peoples need, is something we won’t know, ’til the future, ’til we look back and ‘see’ if anything has helped cut the emissions into the atmosphere. and if the world is a better place to live in? OR was the cost too great?. LadyPx

  7. I’m glad to see that the wind is finally being utilized. These farms are all over the place in Europe, particularly over in Holland. They are run primarily by wind energy.

  8. They are transporting those behemoths out of the East Coast, i am guess the shipyards are the only place that can handle making them. One blade (for reference) will take the length of an extra long flatbed. In Canada there were dead bats, and it was determined that the blades were creating a low pressure that collapsed the lungs of the little guys. In Oklahoma they use these windmills to power the rest stops. But they are huge, close, and the cables that steady them are creaking and popping. Spooked me.

  9. They are not lit at night for civil aviation either. Might put a few crop dusters and seeders out of business too.

  10. I agree with Steve we are just way too over populated and also need to just reduce our energy use.. Going this soon our plant will be coverd with windmills, damns, solor panels.

  11. But on an individual basis we are actually thinking on installing one at our ranch. Problem here is the wind often goes in circles. We do have a couple solar panels we have had for 20 years here. We still have a few light that run off them even thought we have had power now since 96. Great backup also when the power goes out.

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