Talk or Action

One of the ironies is the political arena, so many people make assumptions and when the assumption becomes false a few will tuck their tail in go on. Others live in denial and will not see that they made a mistake. Then that is why politics is so full of hypocrites.
The Tea Party was formed a couple of years ago to protest taxes, I thought it would be a onetime only protest. Instead the Tea Party has grown into a national group of conservatives. It is a protest group that will probably have a solid impact on US politics. It has scared the liberal democrats and frustrated the republicans. The Tea Party is not fitting into a mold and that means a group cannot control it and that is why the dems are so afraid of the conservative group, yet the republicans are frustrated because they thought it was a republican group. Note they call themselves conservative.
In Idaho politics the candidate there was endorsed by the Tea Party there, no it wasn’t the republican candidate it was the democrat, surprise. I read in a story that about 40% of the Tea Party is democrats and 50% republican and the rest…. Well others. What a lot of people tend to forget is how conservative this country is and to change is not one of them. I see so many people longing for simpler times and getting rid of the political wrangling. As long as there is power to be gained from holding a political office there will be those who want that power and many of them will abuser that power.
So here is what I hope, that the two different conservative groups can effect a change on the face of American politics. Just maybe a lots of the power hungry grubbers can be booted and some of the focus can be put on the bureaucrats that are gobbling up lots of our money and resources. Government workers are getting paid about 25% more then, their counterparts in the private sector, a big difference. Second thing is this economic downturn how many government workers have volunteered to take a pay cut to help the budget.
This also paints an ugly picture for those who want big government, the socialists will only want to raise taxes and keep the government dole going and then there are the Marxists who use government to bully others. So step back and make an honest appraisal of politics today and how it is impacting your life. Are you better now then you were 10 years ago? It is a good measure of how to gauge life within the political realm.
Every time a new law is passed someone loses a bit of freedom. When the health thing was passed I lost my choice of providers and if I choose to not become part of the program I will be fined and or tossed in jail. This type of bullying is right out Lenin’s book when he took over Russia. Those in Russia that did not agree with the regime were tossed in to stalags and many were killed. So when I look at the health law I see this. As I lost some freedom how many people did I help? Was my sacrifice worth it or is it the right of government to take my freedom away to give to another who cries and whines.
When I look at the Tea Party I hope they can be effective in restoring some of the freedoms that have been lost by all the laws that have been passed the past few years. The democratic party used to be a good oppositional party and because of them the country was a fairly middle of the road and the majority of people benefitted not just small select groups. Today the democratic party has went so far to the left that their appearance is no longer democrats. The small minority of Marxists are now dictating to the conservative democrats what they want. Again look at the bullying of Lenin. During the early 1900’s Marxism was very popular and there was a communist party that had candidates for various political offices across the country. The communist party was so small they had no one elected but they scared the American public and the communist party disappeared. Most of them have filtered into the left wing of the democrat party and they are easy to identify by wanting more government and taxes and using bully tactics. There will always Marxists for the idealism of a few see a utopia and for them it is them it is the greatest thing.
With the freedoms of the US idealistic groups like this can operate but in a dictatorial society like communism their freedom disappears except for the ruling elite.
My hope is that the conservative democrats step up and can regain their party and put the marxists on the sidelines. As a country we enjoyed our most freedoms and prosperity when we walked a middle of the road policy and government was there to serve the people not dictates to the people how they should live.
So I hope the Tea Party with their variety of groups can clean up some of the garbage in politics and the government.


3 thoughts on “Talk or Action

  1. Hello John, seems like quite a few also had a word press blog going. Now I am really seeing I did not plan ahead. Am quite impressed. Also see there is no ‘Friends’ business so everyone kept private?

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