Overlooking the End of Week

Tomorrow …. it be Sat, for most a day of play, rest, relaxation or work.  Whatever it is for you I hope you enjoy. 
For all the Mother’s….. Happy Mother’s Day, may we give thanks to God for out mother’s.
Traveling the prairie is my past time.  I enjoy the open country that so many refer to as lonely or empty.  There is a solitude to be found in the openness that is hard to find in the clatter of city life.  Here I find the tiny flowers, the prickly pear flower, the cattle roam the buffaloes path, coyotes howl at eve and the birds soar in the clouds, diving to the grasses.  It is a palliate for the recorder of God’s creation.  clouds float over casting shadows as they float by, new shapes an forms to catch.  Insects chirp and chortle, the silent wind blows past and tumbling tumble weed floats on the pasture.
I travel down this two land country road quite often when I go to Denver.  On the horizon can be seen Pike’s Peak.  I’m standing on a ridge of about 6500 feet and beyond rises the mountain to over 14,000 feet.  It is an extinct volcano that at one time towered over 30,000 feet.  Like Mt St Helen’s it blew it’s top off and shrunk.  From the summit is where the song America the Beautiful was inspired.
There is a road that goes to the summit one can drive in the summer of take the train.  There is a cog train that goes to the top.  It is also the namesake for the Colorado gold rush, Pike’s Peak or Bust.  On the west face of the mountain was discovered one of the largest gold deposits in the world and there are still some operating mines there.
Boy…. I don’t know what we did to the Canadians but they sent their cold air this direction.  It has been a cold blustery wind this past couple of days.  There have been scattered storm cells in the area but no rain here.  Just wind to dry everything out.
Have a Great Weekend

10 thoughts on “Overlooking the End of Week

  1. There’s really a solitude to be found at this never ending road. A place to find serenity.A great photo. Take care …happy weekend.

  2. It looks like the west I remember almost 30 yrs ago. A short ride out of town and unless you turned around you were out of town for quite a ride.

  3. There is a cowboy in your soul, and I feel it too in a way.It wasn’t the Canadians, I sent you a cooling front from Siberia to cool you off.Just pull that fur collar up a bit on the windward side, and watch your top knot pilgrim.Nice shot

  4. That is gorgeous country but then I have a love for the prairie too so it’s always appealed to me. I hear you on the darn weather…what on earth happened? I thought it would quickly get warmed up again but that isn’t the case yet…it’s 37 as I type this. Well, blessings be upon you John…have a great weekend.

  5. Its crazy cold here too. Oh my family use to go to Pikes Peak when I was a child all the time. Love your photo seem endless where the eye goes till you see those amazing mountains in the distance. Have a wonderful day…

  6. Dear John, ‘scusa was sweeping deck and inadvertently swept in a south-westerly direction. It’s chill in YVR for this season of YVR. The irises only now abloom in the garden. There was some late frost and some rue the enthusiasm of planting the past weeks. Er, what is a cog railroad? How extraordinary a railroad built all the way to 15K feet (U.S. feet). That must be quite a ride. EXlax…hahhahahahahahPerhaps I need a word plumber?Big Smiles

  7. Great place to be. Except for the cool air your having right now I guess. The heat has started here…. and now we are happy for the cold front passing through. Will we ever be content.Take care.

  8. I’m like you – I find such beauty in the "full of life desolation"!! Our prairie here is actually swamp prarie – but just as beautiful and just as full of life – you only need look.Thanks for sharing!God BlessTeri

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