Windows Taking a dump…… down down

When windows decides to have problems they don’t have small ones, they flush everything down the tubes.  Couldn’t get in, couldn’t post, no mail, friends lost and I’m at the lost end.  Well maybe they just may get themselves together.  The world’s largest and they fall on their face, like everybody else, they have problems.
Kind of like this place, the ground becomes kind of ripe n knee deep.  reminds me of DC, just not much hot air around here.
This barn probably dates back to the late 1800’s.  The small streams that fed into Denver were the early settled land in Colorado.  to build on a stream with water was valuable land.  The other thing with water was to harvest ice in the winter and store it in the barn under straw through the summer.  Ohhh ice tea in the summer with real ice, or homemade ice cream.  100 years ago or more the fridge wasn’t even on the drawing board.
Seen a funny ad on face book.  It was sending Rush Limbaugh to Costa Rica. Not sure about the background of why but I thought it was comical.  Not sure why the liberal left is so afraid of him and show no tolerance.  Any body that listens to him can tell he is so in love with himself and that he is show.  Actually a pretty hollow person.  He does do something that sets the liberals off though.  Guess they don’t know how to celebrate diversity.
Oh my goodness thought Dorthy was near by and we were headed for DC.  The wind has been fierce at times and constant blow all afternoon with swirling gusts.  windy land an no politicians to blame it on…. humbug.
Still going below freezing at night and they are deciding mid 20’s end of week.  Yesterday we were in the 80’s.  From roasting to the freezer.
Hopefully windows can restore my friends… may have to go out looking and see where they scattered to.  Need to send bugs out after the hackers and let them have a worm or two.  Microsoft gets so many enemies and it is such a challenge for some hackers to disrupt Microsoft.  Heard the other day that some Chinese hack into the Pentagon every day, now that is a challenge, either to get in or keep the firewall in repair.

5 thoughts on “Windows Taking a dump…… down down

  1. i had a serious issue yesterday to blog about true concern and couldn’t get in at all. i know have to bring in my pots and planters friday and saturday night angel eyes dee

  2. True enough, Windows can make a right mess of things, and our blood pressure soars in response. Just voted this morning, ‘cos no matter what I think of politicians if you don’t vote you don’t have your say. Humbug indeed. xx

  3. So have I Lady Penelope. (just voted I mean.) Maybe they are working on Live Spaces for the forthcoming new updates and that’s why you all had problems. Just wish they would let everyone know then we wouldn’t all get so angry about it.

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