Spring Time in the Rockies

High up in the mountains are piles and piles of snow.  The skiers love the white stuff and slide all over it.  In the spring the piles of white turn into water and flow down the hill turning into raging g torrents.  The skiers doff their skies and grab a raft to fly over the waves of the raging torrents.
Spring melt usually brings floods and damage in some areas.  The spring nag melt is also the lifblood of summer plants.  These muddy torrents tumbling over the rocks feed the plants and recharge the ground water.  Trees and plants depend on the water that flows down off the mountains.  Well so does a beer company or two……. then that is another story.
Tiny little cricks turn into raging streams, roiling muddy water, lapping at the banks edge.  Will the stream go over the banks.
What is normally a gurgling little stream becomes a muddy monster in the spring.  Water roars down the hill as the temperature rises.  Bushes and shrubs that had grown up along the streams edge cling for their lives to the banks.  Another surge of warm air and the water becomes fiercer, more debris is loosened and slams into the shrubs.  Some of the bushes are washed away, others become repositories of nature’s trash. 
This is Nature’s version of earth day, wash all the crud away, send it downstream.  Flooding is a great cleanser and one of nature’s way of taking care of itself.
Another nature subject is the oil slick.  I wonder who will make the most political hay off of it.  Things like this happen no matter how hard man tries to prevent them.  So many have a mind set that if a law is passed to stop something, it will stop.  Man an nature have their own way of dealing with life and all the laws in the world will not put Humpty Dumpty back together.  Yet watch, somewhere a new law will show up to say the problem is solved.  It’s like law p[assign has a magic cure in it.
God gave us some rules to live by, how successful have we been at following 10 little commandments………?  Laws do not prevent, they may slow down but are not laws of prevention.  The integral moral compass of man is the preventer and sadly not many have an internal moral compass.
Woke up the other morning to snow, great big flakes the size of tennis balls floating down out of the sky.  Luckily it was not heavy and didn’t last long.  It sure is making the fields green and there are wild flowers sprouting up hither an yon.  There are lots of herbs popping up also.  So far no really really nasty storms but there have been some big boomer’s here an there.
These little things were growing just on the edge of the ditch, look like forget me not.  Tiny little flowers.  The dirt has been dry for a bit with the cracks and it is also clay dirt which shrinks real quick.  I’ve tried growing clusters like this and I’m still waiting.
The clouds are building again this afternoon and it appears they may be scattered rainstorms later today.  Still cold, been below freezing past couple of nights.  Want to do some planting but I’m going to have to wait.  Got the dirt all turned up and loosened, spread some brownie mix on and I’m ready….. now where is the warm weather.

14 thoughts on “Spring Time in the Rockies

  1. John, I really love the logic you used as far as laws are concerned. It’s so tiresome that everyone wants some super law, super bill or super government when the bottome line is personal responsbility taken by the masses being the key. If we simply followed the basic two Christ laid out before us I think there would be the fundamental transformation everyone seems to seek yet doesn’t want to work for. Love the Lord you God with all your heart, mind, soul and spirit and love your neighbor as yourself…against such things there is no law. Anyway, I also really enjoyed the pictures you shared. Looks and feels like home to me. It’s been brutal here with very high winds…this is day three of that and cool temperatures. We’ve been bringing our flowers in at night since they’re all in pots. I long for the day we hit in the seventies and above…it’s all part of the cycle. Bless you my friend.

  2. Hi John, Every year in Georgia we have a cold spell that sparks the full bloom of blackberries. Blackberry winter, we call it. It will usually last last about 7 – 10 days. It’s over this weekend and the hot and muggies are on the way. You bet the political hay will be made on the oil spill. I am not convinced it was an accident. I hear swat teams have been deployed to each rig in the gulf. Strange, yet convenient if one was trying to gain tighter controls on those greedy oil barons. Those slippery devils are almost as bad as bankers.

  3. Gotta love that Rocky Mountain weather!Got a bit of snow here this morning but it will get up to 50 degrees.

  4. Nice post, John. Two things about weather you may be aware of: adibatic lapse rate is 3.5 degrees per thousand feet vertical from sea level; and, from the ‘quator north is about six hundred miles per one thousand feet vertical. Expect a snow storm before May 15th.Aren’t I nice?

  5. @ Ten… There will probably be a snow storm in a week or two but it will be north of here for the elevation change… they get most of the moisture, North is about 1000 feet higher, big uplift.

  6. pretty sure our winter is done here but stil spring bulbs are in platers in case they ned to come in on a cold night angel eyes

  7. I love the wildflowers John . How very nice they are . Cant wait to see them here. We get the spring run off from the Rockies in June here. Thats when it peaks. There is some flooding to low laying areas around a very large river north of me. Its high already as I drove over the bridge today. Made many miles today and didnt see any snow. Just lots of farmland, trees getting greener. Farmers are working the land and perparing to seed. Wheat I guess will be first here as it needs a longer growing season and then Canola. I enjoyed your blog . As for the Oil spill well that is going to cause so much damage to so many things. So many .Its awful .My perenials are growning . May have to take a few photos even if they arnt in bloom.Have a great night and sunday.

  8. Love the wild flower photo and the stream. I hope you get to plant soon. Brownie mix? Must be the green thumb secret eh?

  9. John, Indeed nature’s way is nature’s way. Oil and water do not mix. Perhaps that is why the heavy oil is deep and the light water is on the surface. The ooze and swill of pre ancient times is where it is for a reason. It just may be seeping in to regenerate the core rather than being drawn to the surface as a poison to the water, lands and atmosphere. I don’t know for sure but it seems to me that there is something criminal when ever man imposes on natures way. Good that your ground is ready for planting and hope the warm days shall soon be with you.As ever be well

  10. HI you could try and uproot the ones that have grown wild as they must be of good strength to have started in the first place isn’t nature as fantastic thing we do not appreciate it and sometimes only notice it when it does something wrong as we think but who knows the reasons behind some things like the big rainfalls and the floods hope you manage to grow the little plants looks like something i have growing they look wild to but look nice so i have left them probably weeds lol but don’t they deserve a place in our gardens to .God Bless

  11. IN many ways Nature can be even more destructive than Man could ever be, the recent Volcano in Iceland for one example, but that’s the Planet we live on, in fact almost rent really. But we seem to be paying back, by being almost as destructive. I hope and pray this latest Oil leak doesn’t increase by the volume they predict. and then there’s Nature shown above, in the smallest flowers, clumped together. Marvellous nature at it’s best. LadyPx

  12. First I sense these weathers condition are not fair..we have had dry weather without rains for so many years and the water restriction for last tree yeras too though it would be nice to have that we can swap over our weather to you lol!The oil leak: Only few month ago we had problems in our country too where the coral reef a beautiful areas…The naturally happened the valcano that we excep that but cause from the human error it need to be taken responsbility by who ever cause these damage although these coral reef never recover all going die?? hopefully not.The nature flowers are very pretty that I likes a little flowers are sweet, The clay soil are suit for the roses where I lives.Thank you for visits.Have a great day.

  13. Enjoy so the descriptions of the outdoors.Love how a near dry spring becomes a muddy monster – sometimes overnight.At times wish I could again travel and be out-of-the-city.Thank you for photographs

  14. Our creek is running up near the banks. Years ago it broke over the banks everywhere and flood all our fields. Now even with all the beaver damn it rarely goes over the banks. What beauty those flowers are on the crack and dried soil…

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