Immigration n two cents

Yahoo… it snowed last night and up on the ridge were drifts in the cuts… got the skies  out n axed them, ready to hit the slopes.  Hot doggie, down the pasture over the hill…. oops dat’s a little brown n too slippery.
Watched the parade of homeless yesterday.  A single guy walking on the highway, not hitching, just walking.  Later that evening saw a couple come riding past.  They were headed for the fairgrounds to spend the night.  My curiosity got to me so I went and talked to the them.  It was a guy and his girlfriend, in their mid 50’s.  They were on the road with their horses, left Wyoming and headed cross Colorado for New Mexico and on to Arizona.  The guy said he couldn’t find work and so he sold most everything and loaded up the horses and on the road they rode.  A little different style of going homeless but that is the life he wanted.
South out of town they rode…. into the horizon… err sunset?
Other oddities… do ya see a connection?
Been reading parts about the new law in Arizona and I wonder if the federal government has any priorities.  For a year and a half the focus has been of government health insurance and all this time the border problem has been boiling.  I wonder how many will be killed, in addition to the usual killings.  People will die and for what purpose.  There is already hate growing on both sides and shooting will be a result, just a question of how big.
Now if the health care issue had been put on the back burner, how many people would die from lack of healthcare, my guess zero, and the immigration problem dealt with and something reasonable done how many lives would that save.  So again  where are priorities……..?
It was asked why didn’t Bush do anything about it, probably the same reason Obama is doing nothing, politics and offending special interest groups.
I look at this and the two issues of health care and immigration and wonder what kind of country are we morphing into?  People’s toes will be stepped on and feelings will be hurt but what about the country and the people that live in it.
  Oh I have only 2nd to 7th generation European ancestry and I hold nothing against legal immigration.  My grandparents come out here with their goods in an emigrant railcar, all very legal.
Now I need to get me a horse and go riding off into the sunset or go find a bridge to camp under.

9 thoughts on “Immigration n two cents

  1. That is an interesting way of going homeless. I think I like having roots just fine however if I was uprooted as in the days of my youth I would travel the world more…my rootless days landed me in India and the Philippines before. I often wonder if the way things are going in this country will lead me and my family to move. Immigration and health care are very sticky issues. Facts are we’ve not really had a move that touches these issues effectively in a long time. I believe reform is needed…not talk of reform and not reform that hurts more than it helps. My personal beliefs about being pro-life affect my thinking as does my problems with programs we can’t afford. I’d like to see programs with healthcare be with some tort reform and buying insurance across state lines…wouldn’t break the bank and makes sense. Immigration…sigh….fixing the dam after the water already poured through. I think that this is a bandaide on an artery cut and will likely lead to more battles between government and the states further weakening our country…though what can they do? That farmer who was killed even after they asked the government for help left the state in a position where they had to do something but like everything else there’s red tape that strangles any and all that work to change the status quo. I may just get on that horse with you John….

  2. More power to that man and his friend. Somebody had to do something at the boarder as the government sure dilly dallies and Arizona did something. If people are legal then no worries. I don’t mind immigrants either, as long as they move here legally. Many people die from no health care an alot of people are dieing from gang boarder wars and the president can multitask. That’s what he has a huge staff for.

  3. @ Toodie, not sure about the people dieing because of no healthcare, but there those who refuse healthcare that die and there are others who do not buy health insurance and end up with indigent care or medicare. The government covers everybody for emergency care 100% in one form or fashion. Now there are a lots who do not have health insurance and that is their choice then that is another issue.The homeless in the story probably do not have hea;lth insurance but I know the guy on the horse knows how to get healthcare if he needs. He does not let pride stand in his way to get help and pride is why lots of people do not get the healthcare that is offered gratis….

  4. 99% of the people in this country are immigrants, half of my ancestry is, the other half did little to nothing to stop immigration and we all know where that led. Arizona has a unique problem, they border one of the worst examples of porous borders in the country. Most of the land there is Federal land, the state police can do noting on federal land. What the law does do is lets the state police do the job the feds are unwilling or purposely not doing, for pointed out political reasons in a year a damaged political party is looking for any traction to retain any kind of significance. I like the determination and mindset of the couple. It takes guts to pick up and move. The uncertainty and risks are many but the rewards are self determination and reliance on ones own abilities and knowledge. This is a big threat to the Dems and DC. If the people learn to pick up and provide for themselves the need for all this overblown government handouts is pointless. Its not a pretty site or situation, but if people go where they can to make their own way then they become self sufficient, something the liberals don’t like. I wish him and his girl friend luck as you make your own luck in this life. If more people took charge of their lives and responsibility for their actions it would go a long way towards improving our country from the inside up.

  5. sounds true to being the leader of any country many people will be uhappy with you and many won’t sadly and people want this job? angel eyes

  6. Well stated! All of my ancestors came here legally, too. Except for one, but they were here all along! 😉 I can trace all my lineage back to the 1700’s…I think that nearly everyone in this country in a position of power is on the wrong track… We need to get back to basics… if it were Football we’d be practicing tackling!

  7. Your guess was a little off: Harvard researchers published Thursday, September 17, 2009— in the American Journal of Public Health a study which reveals roughly 45,000 American adults die every year because they are not covered by health insurance.

  8. @ Cassie, I really won’t tout Harvard as something prestigious since the mess their alum have created over the present. Hospitals have to treat emergency cases that come in, period. After that patient is treated if they don’t have insurance the bill is picked up by Medicaid or better know as the tax payers. If the study were correct then we would have far more people dead because there were taken to a hospital unconscious, unresponsive, incoherent, or just out of it and set in a corner until proof of insurance was provided and then and only then could work be done, that is the way it is here in China, no money no treatment. If someone can’t pay you, you die, period. Those 45,000 equate to 0.00015% of the American population. There are just over 2.3 million deaths in the US per year, 0.0196% of which equals 45k. This is just over the number of 2009 motor vehicle deaths, 33,963 (lowest since 1975) but well under: heart disease 28.5%, tumors 22.8%, stroke 6.7%, respiratory failure 5.1%, accidents 4.4%, etc. The things closer to this figure include diseases; nephritis 43,901 and septicemia 33,136. Heck unintentional injuries account for 121,599 deaths, unintentional poisoning 27,531, unintentional falls 20,823. If we just kept people from poisoning themselves and falling off of ladders we would better the uninsured deaths.

  9. Your guess was that "zero" would die. That was not correct, as I have demonstrated. But where I stand…one unnecessary death is too many. Additionally, it is a common misconception that hospitals "have" to treat anyone who comes through the door. That is not true. Many patients are turned away every day because they are unable to pay. Only certain DESIGNATED hospitals actually have to accept anyone and they are always overcrowded and underfunded.

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