What a Battle … on two fronts

Man it was a rough one and kind of costly but I finally got rid of the malware trojan horse.  Norton couldn’t get rid of it and I couldn’t find it to delete, then I’m not a geek.  I end up getting another security program and dumping Norton.  Norton was about to expire anyway and I wasn’t real happy with Norton.  Any way after I got the new program in it ate up the malware…. I hope.
Then there was the weather, I’ve been on the backside of the nasty front going cross country.  There has been wind and there has been wind in between the hail, sleet, snow and rains there was more wind and more wind.  There were tornado warnings all around and some of the clouds were pretty black.  Mostly it was just wind.  Most of the time wind does not bother me but this storm was an irritation.
It has been nice and I wanted to get out and putter in the dirt but there was a storm.  Oh well this evening it calmed down and there now is a breeze with few clouds.  Probably clear off and get real cold.
So I stayed inside and did some baking. Baked some orange/cranberry muffins and a cherry cobbler.  Came out pretty good any way me belly said thanks.
Tomorrow is another day and into it I will travel as the Lord wills.

10 thoughts on “What a Battle … on two fronts

  1. I’m so glad to hear that you found the virus…I hope you remain free and clear. I’ve never liked Norton either so I use AVG which is free and has kept my computer clear for years now. I’ve heard about the wild weather people are getting…that’s really my thing. I like to take pictures of storms and such but tornados are nothing to mess with I know. I remember how it was when we lived in Oklahoma…yikes! You muffins sound great, care to share one?

  2. Happy you got rid of Norton. Back on track and winds are calm. Sounds good.That cherry cobbler sounds delish. Happy trails to you.

  3. Oh we had some scary winds today. Those big old trees around our house were leaning over. Ummmm I can smell your muffins from here.. Hugs Carrie

  4. Hi there John, Malware is a hateful thing, I wish we could just send it back to the orgins it came from with lots of love. Never used Norton myself. my brother has always complained about it wanting to take over, so I use Virgins own PC guard which came with the package. I too hope the malwares been eaten , and talking of eating, Mmmm muffins, I hope you saved me one? Love them. Thanks.!!Hope you’re having a great day. LadyPx

  5. sorry to hear about the virus – Norton was not up to the attack I had 3/4 years ago – Mcfee has, so far, kept the idiots at bay !! Although the recent business computer update from them does nt fill me with confidence !!

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