There Oughta Be A Law

With the e-mail horse bug that roamed through I get so mad because it effects others and there isn’t much I can do but get mad.  What I would like is a law, with some teeth, that would have some serious consequences for the hackers.  For me it is no different then a person breaking into my home and taking my stuff.  The techies have the wherewithal to track the hackers down and identify them.  The blow hards that call themselves rulers said it would violate the hackers civil rights and such nonsense.  Whoa just a minute, what happened to my rights, am I supposed to stand by and be bullied by these people.
It kind of reminds of the law that was just passed in Arizona.  The President said it violates their civil rights, well if they are here illegally what rights do they have as aliens and what rights of the citizens of the US are they violating.  One of the biggest things I’ve had to understand is to live by the rules.  Why is it that certain groups can live outside the rules with no consequences?
I know that passing laws seldom solves problems but it does provide for consequences and the government is reactionary to law violations, not a prevention but if there are steep enough consequences there is a certain amount of deterrent.  So what should be done to hackers?  Hackers live around the world and to prosecute would be a problem but someday there may be international laws for the hackers.
The big companies have so many enemies that people try to take out their frustrations on them that us little people suffer more then the big boys do.
When I look at laws, somebody loses a bit of freedom and that is a rub with me yet I understand consequences for actions that are deferential to others and their lives.  I see laws that try to work in this manner but so often they go beyond the boundaries and others get hurt rather then the people it was designed to punish.
Responsibility for my actions rather then selfish and uncaring, how to manage that…. ha— an age old ideal to strive for.

6 thoughts on “There Oughta Be A Law

  1. What did it do. I had to leave for Pittsburgh right after I got it from "you." The last one I got "Koob" had me messed up for a week. I guess I did not get any smarter. Just hope it isn’t the bear it was last time.

  2. Actually… that law in Arizona… it’s not the illegal’s civil rights he’s concerned about, but those that are American citizens and have the last name of Gonzales that he’s worried about… one cant have a law like that with out profiling and that means that some dood who was born in Seattle but happens to be dark and have the last name of Diaz will get pulled over for being Hispanic and be hassled by police… those Police in Maracopa County are fanatical… they’re not going to just let an american citizen go until they "prove" it… which is why I always carry my passport with me, so I can prove it.Sorry about the crack into your account… hope it gets better, man…

  3. Oh… I also carry a mini US Constitution that’s leather bound too, but that’s for a different reason called "Illegal search and seizure"*grin*Don’t worry..; Lefties can be gun toatin’ red neck radicals, too!

  4. I absolutely hate the nasty viruses and worms that go around. I’ve been blessed for the most part to avoid infection from such things for most of the years I’ve been online however I know not everyone is so lucky. The immigration situation is a massive mess at this point and I don’t think we’re anywhere near the reform we need. I want neither civil rights violations nor do I want to see murderers and pedophiles get away scot free without any kind of consequence except perhaps a free flight home for Christmas…yes, that’s happened though many on the other side of the debate don’t ever hear about that. Complex, complex, complex.

  5. If you’re born "here" or to active duty military, you have no civil rights, because you tend to work to pay taxes to carry all of those that have protected civil liberties with lifting money out of the tax coffers.

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