a time for depression

It is Sat. and the sun forgot to show up.  Instead there is a layer of clouds threatening drizzle and maybe showers. A day to hang out around the pot belly stove.  Now I have to find me a stove with a pot belly.   Hang on, BRB, gone to stove store.
When I came on board spaces I wasn’t to sure what I would find.  I had no lofty expectations.  i circulated to various spaces looking and shopping.  When I would find interesting blogs or pictures I would invite them and I would get invitations, hopefully for similar reasons.  I came to know a few of the people quite well.  I laughed with them, cried with them and prayed with them.  A few have left for various reasons and roam back through on occasion.  Others were spaces to have a space or to chat.
Here this past couple of weeks there have been a few who haven’t posted anything lately.  They were fairly regular and I enjoyed their posts.  Not posting has given me concern for them.  Two of them had written about illnesses and or depression, both are scary and lead to dire happenings at times.  The other has just stopped and it was daily with her, like a door closed.
Unlike here I cannot pick up the phone and call or go visit, cyber space has limitations and when something like this happens it leaves me wondering.
Depression is very debilitating and chronic and if not dealt with creates serious problems.  It is probably one of the most mis-understood psychological disorders but it is treatable.  Like so many disorders. people live in denial with it.  To admit to the problem is the beginning of the cure but………..
All these thoughts made me step back and look at self and where I am.  I am not as happy or contented as I was a year ago.  Money has become tighter and being on a limited income that puts a crimp on lots of things.  Gas is approaching $4.00 bucks a gallon, groceries are way up as are utilities.  These are the basic staples of living and are now taking to big a share of my income.
Then I look around me.  There is a war still going on and appears to be getting worse rather then better and many of the young GI’s are committing suicide rather then going back to war.  People are still without jobs.  I read the other day a company still had over 3400 workers on furlough and that is just one department.  Politicians are still arguing about who is right or left and not giving a dam about the people, they are even talking about a pay raise.  Then there are the earthquakes, volcanoes and floods, people are dying and there is destruction.
It is very easy to be depressed and I can see people angry and despondent about their condition.  To stand on cliffs edge and look out.  What hope is there?  People have a hard time living if hope is no longer there.  We have come to rely so much on the government for hope that many of us have lost sight of where real hope is.  The mystics have their spirituality to lift them up, other religions have a higher power but what hope can the government give us.  I have heard sugar coated words come from the government leaders for 5 decades and it hasn’t changed much.
I look at the ones who have no spirituality and there I see no hope for they have nothing to cling to so they go to the government and when it does not come through what do they have to hope for.
I have Christ and the promise of God, "Those who believe in Christ shall have eternal life."  In accepting Christ as my savior I have hope.  I have a strength to deal with the harsh times of the day.  I do not have go to the cliff and ponder, nor do I seek out the government for help.  I have a strength that nobody can give me but God for it was Him who created me and it is Him who provides all tings.
So when I hear about space friends being sick I pray for them and when they do nothing for sometime I hope nothing has befallen them and maybe it is only a visit to the hospital and nothing more.  Yet I know a few have seen many decades pass and have accumulated lots of lifetime experiences.  So whatever it may be I hope they are walking with Christ wherever they may be.
A small country church where one can find solace, comfort and peace.

13 thoughts on “a time for depression

  1. It’s sounds to me John like you have the meat to eat that Jesus spoke of that the others knew not of. I totally echo your feelings about the times well live in and am astounded that people even consider the government to be a help any anything. Die hard fools on either side of the political field shock me…could they really find something to believe in with politics? This is how far we’ve come from men like George Washingon who didn’t want the power at all. Like you I stake my claim in Christ…I seriously have nowhere else to go. Bless you my friend.

  2. Wonderful and timely post from a very good man John. You have made observations here that are dead-on accurate. Titus 2:13 reminds me daily of our blessed hope. Very good to call you my brother, my friend.J.W.L.

  3. Incredible …. I love this post John. Sometimes it’s difficult to carry all these task in our daily life if we are not strong enough.Faith and hope gives me strength. Our hopes for better lives, now a days… we couldn’t depend solely on the promises made by our or any of the government around the globe.Friends you get to know here very well. … when in one time or the other have stop or took long time to communicate again not knowing any reason ..you really wonder what have happened. Beautiful post John.

  4. You write straight from your heart and soul. Your compassion for others I understand all so well John. Amen to what you have written. I know of a few and one that has not blogged. I too will keep them in my Prayers.Your have a peace about your blog always . Your a blessing.Lisa

  5. John, Indeed some may come and some may go, where and why is a wonder, as is the choice we have made in knowing them here while giving some a leg up with a kind word while in times of trouble or more. Like a kind of warm near the pot belly stove on a cold morn or night when the fire is fed by others and one just has to be there to feel, shake off the cold and lone as they warm in the Light. As ever be well, my friend, Stephen Craig Rowe

  6. Cheer up John most of us are still here. Actually I haven’t seen you at any of my updates for ages. The thing with spaces I discovered over the years on here people come and go through illness and some die, others find spaces is not bringing them joy any more and decide to move on.It’s a big world out there John as one door closes another door will soon open a time for renewal and a time to make new friends. Don’t let it get you down. I had this one before as well with good friends closing down, I’ve closed down a few sites and I must admit I’m not that into spaces any more, I just really enjoy writing the poetry can’t seem to give that up.

  7. I read your articles.I think people should enjoy everyday .lIVE each day with gentless vigor and passion.Live each day as the last day you have.This is the good way to cherish your time.

  8. John your words radiate with a warmth from the heart of someone who cares. Coming here to spaces has been such a ray of light for me. There are so many special a caring people here. I too have had friends disappear here without a word. It always goes over and over again what has happened to them. I can only pray. But often I think people share more of their feelings here because they know they can step away without a trace. Thank God I have learned to wake up each day as a new beginning and not dwell on the past. Always that hope that no matter what happens here, when my time comes God will be there waiting for me. Thats what keeps me starting each day a new and with a sense of meaning to my life. As in real life people get sick or die. New friends are made and old ones may move on. The cycle continues… Hugs Carrie

  9. i know what you men, john. its hard to know what is going on in peoples lives, and i feel concerned as well for ones i dont see on my updates much anymore. sometimes they just migrate to facebook, or some other site. still, you get attached to people after sharing their lives here. this post youve written is truly points to hope for those whose hope is fading, whether they are posting or not. thank you for sharing this. my hope is in Christ as well. i know Whom i have believed, and am persuaded that He is able to keep that which ive commited into His hands …habakkuk 3:17-1917Although the fig tree shall not blossom, neither shall fruit be in the vines; the labour of the olive shall fail, and the fields shall yield no meat; the flock shall be cut off from the fold, and there shall be no herd in the stalls: 18Yet I will rejoice in the LORD, I will joy in the God of my salvation. 19The LORD God is my strength, and he will make my feet like hinds’ feet, and he will make me to walk upon mine high places. k☼

  10. Mindful of those who no longer join us here we forget the reason they came in the first place. I will not speak for them but my computer fills a 1 or 2 hour gap after breakfast – when I would have been preparing for and travelling to work. I am privileged to speak to so many people all around the globe. Your opinions give me a wider understanding of life on the various continents. They also strengthen my own idiosyncratic view on life. Eternal life is a carrot dangled before us to ensure our enslavement to a particular dogma. It would be sheer hell; as have the past 100 years of earths history. We should put as much effort into this life, improving the lot of those less fortunate than ourselves as some put into preparing for death. That is not socialism it is the underlying message in christian, jewish and muslim religions. It is sad that it has taken 100 years to vindicate my Grandfather’s decision to leave the catholic church. Our church leaders are as corrupt as the world’s politicians and it comes as no surprise that people turn there backs on there heritage. Many become what Washington would have labelled "godless" They also forget there spiritual past. Sign of the times : the church I used as a child is now converted into luxery apartments !! I find my solace in the comfort and peace of my own home where every day is blessed with positive and uncorrupted thoughts.

  11. I think Spaces, is a good name for where we visit, in that it fills a space, a well needed time of connecting with others online, you get to see a small part of their lives and vice versa. There must be countless reasons why it draws people, and why they choose to leave, as you say, it could be a short needed time in Hospital, or hopefully some happier reason. It’s strange the connection we feel, by reading daily, weekly or whenever blogs, we feel we’re getting to know the person behind the ‘Space’ and a human element takes hold. in that we begin to care. Wonderful, insightful blog John, Lady Px

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