odds n ends by the rails

Walking along the mainline of the railroad one is liable to stumble across all sorts of things.  Mostly trash but among the junk are parts of relics from times past.
Back in the weeds lies this old truck bed…. it appears to be circa 1930’s.  When no longer useful it was pulled off and sat on the ground to  collect stuff.  We sometimes discard things and I wonder why it was just left there.
Then there are other things along the rails.
A train had just passed and the equines were very content to browse on the fresh green grass of spring.  It appears it may of been a training arena for race horses.  Horse racing isn’t as popular as used to be.
Then there is the polar express, a movie star.
This car was part of the polar express that went to Churchill on Hudson’s Bay.  It is now parked in eastern Colorado.  A good distance from the Arctic.
How it got here or why… I no not know.

4 thoughts on “odds n ends by the rails

  1. Nice pictures John, I particularly liked the bottome one there. It is intersting how such places have a history though we may not know exactly what it is…still these pictures speak volumes somehow.

  2. Very good shots. John it’s interesting to have pictures that have something to do with the past.have a good day!!!

  3. Railroad, or railways as we call it in England., show very differing views. The tracks cut right through the heart of a country town or city, and nothing is hidden. It’s so sad, somehow, to see the parked rusting car above, like a grand old lady, put out to pasture. LadyPx

  4. Hello John I see you have been out and about exploring. What wonders you have found.. Enjoy your walks. Hugs Carrie

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