A Weeks End…. Humbug.

The first day of the week is about over and the for most the workday is the morrow.  Played in the dirt some getting ready for some warmer weather.  It is still around freezing in the morning.  I’ll have a small garden and see if I can freeze some of the produce.  I love squash so I put out a lots of them and I’ll have some pumpkin, I bake that casserole style.  There is an abandoned feed lot in the neighboring town so i go in there for some rich dirt to spred around.
I also will be planting some trees, the yard is pretty bare.  I also have some sand plums and choke cherries I’ll be transplanting.  Hopefully I can get a 50% ratio of grown trees.  I’ve done pretty good at digging up runners and getting them to grow.
With that all said, I hope there will be no big hail storms like we had last year.  I had to re plant some of the squash and few other things.  The flowers came back after the beating. 
Last week on the road trip I ran across some killdeer.  they are so cool to watch.  They gimp along and fly a short distance away, sit and bob up and down, scree and fly off a short distance to shrill back at the intruder.  As I was taking pictures along the tracks they would pop up in front of me and hop fly off a short way.
Other thing found along the way was some interesting front yard decorations.
One way to store old stuff.  Most of it looks beyond repair.
Hope Y’all had a good weekend and the you may a blessed week.  May the God of Patience be with you through the coming week.
God’s blessings.

9 thoughts on “A Weeks End…. Humbug.

  1. I tell you John my patience can wear a bit thin at times with my son. He probably needs you wishing that upon me.Happy planting John

  2. Indeed our God is a God of patience! Bless his wonderful name. I prayed for patience once. Oh, man! ‘Nuff said. He delivered. @Lady J, It seems it was delivered in the form of my son also.

  3. I enjoy watching the killdeer in my backyard. They love nesting in the gravel of our driveway an the roadsides.Sounds like you have ah green thumb. Wish you good weather.

  4. Good pictures, John. The Kildeer was nice. I dont get many anymore in the pastures – I mow back there too often for them to trust me. Course those birds like more open space than a wall to wall grass.

  5. The weather here sounds the same as there for the most part. I love your bird pictures…we’ve got plenty of those too but I never get tired of them.

  6. Loved the ‘Modern Art’ yard display. I’ve never seen Killdeer before, marvellous looking birds. Thank you for sharing.LadyPx

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