Here a Barn.. There a Barn… It snowed, rained, sleeted and hailed

Durn…. it must be spring the weather is so fickle.  Yesterday the wind rearranged the trash, everything that went south was now going back north.  It gusted up 45mph steady 25-30 mph.  Not fun to be in.  This morning the clouds rolled in and all the goodies that went north were on their way back south, a slower pace.  Rain would sprinkle, sun peek out, sleet pelt the roof, sun peek out, ground turn white, clouds boil up, snow, hail, rain and sleet.  Three seasons in 15 minutes.
Helped change out a water heater and picked up a black finger.  Lost the old heater and the dolly handle dropped on my finger catching it underneath and the concrete doesn’t give.  Got a big owwyyy…. yeow.  It no like being bumped and is useless.  One thing though… it is temporary, I still heal up.  Just don’t move as fast as I used to.
Found this barn on my jaunt last week.  It is way bigger then the usual, a monster with a lean to addition.  Lots of the big barn like this are not used much anymore and to cattle hanging around this one is unusual.  Man would that make a nice house



This barn is west of the other barn about 150 miles as the crow flies, on the road about 200 miles.  They could pass as twins.  This barn is a landmark on the Interstate between Denver and Colorado Springs.  It had been a ranching town years ago and toady it is a ghost town.  The city is encroaching and the burbs are within a few miles.  The ranch was the last undeveloped area and some of it was sold as an open space park.  The ranch had been over 200,000 acres and I believe the state/county was able to buy a few parcels of about 50,000 acres.  Parts are now a park like setting.

This barn sits there just looking like an old barn, watching the traffic fly past on the freeway.

Barns at times are the target of my camera.  Someday i may gather the pictures up and make an album.

Had good Barbecue rabbit for Easter…. and You?



9 thoughts on “Here a Barn.. There a Barn… It snowed, rained, sleeted and hailed

  1. We had some strange weather too John…mix of snow and hail and rain for us too. We had barbecued ribs for Easter though it was cold we braved it and fixed it and it was really good! Love your barn pictures btw…good stuff!

  2. Three seasons in fifteen minutes, yes I can relate.Your wind pfffft 45 is just wind but I also relate, I don’t care for wind unless it is impressive somehow.Old Barns, well that is a huge barn, there must be a story in itself there.Let’s see, for Easter, well I had a great seafood plate at a favorite Roadhouse near here, the Indian House, at Indian Alaska.BBQ rabbit is good, too, care to share your recipe?Best regard to the high plains drifter from Alaska!

  3. saw what had to be an old cicken coop yesterday pointed it out to my sonds love rabbit and even tried to get the men to buy one last week no chance ours simply ham potatoes and cheese sauce with cherry chese cake angel eyes

  4. wow… very extra ordinary. oh no rabbit please ,they are my pets. lolthe photos…I love them …excellent.have a good day …connie

  5. here in England our weathers well known for changeability, so I don’t know if I should commiserate or say thank goodness it’s not just us. Spring is sprung here, but it’s as grey as grey can be. There’s a lot to say about moving slow., you’ve got time to enjoy the view. I did yesterday as I took a tumble in the garden, one minute I was looking at the flowers, next I was nose to nose. Never noticed that slab was loose before. LadyPx

  6. We have has some dry weather . It was warm here yesterday so the trees are starting to send life into each branch and I did see a little green in the trees again the blue sky yestereay and my heart said YES.Nice Barns.. I think we have said before is the walls could tell us the history , windows and handles could talk. I love these old barns and buildings. So much history and history of the land you live around. I hope you see more and share more John.You had a nice Easter by the sounds of it.. Also have a nice day John. Lisaxo

  7. Sorry for the typo. . and its so dry here we have a fire ban and the start of anouther drought. I have never seen two in a row. So I m sure that we wont have one and it will rain.

  8. Great pictures as usual John. Rabbit for Easter huh? Did you raise it or hunt it? Haven’t had rabbit since I lived in Iowa. Do you live near Pueblo? About the weather, here in the Ohio valley you never know. Yesterday 86 and windy, tomorrow 59 and rain? Not boring. Have a great day John!

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