Dems equal Marxist?

From the deep dark recesses of the mind wander thoughts, many thrive in circles looking for the exit, others fall into the abyss and stay. Then there are the ones that end up on the Snoopy’s dog house to be transcribed into a dark and cold night. These thoughts come from the gruel of the mindless pit of politics. I sat pondering the recent political battle that has pretty much ended but I see the war ongoing, there will be more battles. Past history shows that.
The Yin and Yang of politics is interesting. There are two distinct groups that pretty much define politics and there are some minor groups that come in from the cold. It is mostly the group on the far right and far left that creates ugly politics and the rest of us are mostly along for the ride.
The far right group can be traced back over centuries and the far left group just over a century. The far right group I’ll call the Carry Nation group, AKA Temperance League. The far left group is the Marxists. Neither represents more then maybe 10% of the US population but they carry a punch.
Carry Nation and her group changed the fabric of the United States in the early 1900’s. They began in the late 1800’s and succeeded the next century. They were able to get the Constitution amended. This amendment had far reaching consequences that created one of the most violent eras in US history. Gangsters ruled the era, lawlessness became acceptable. It was okay to be a criminal in the age prohibition.
The Temperance League used the “bully pulpit” very effectively, they went into saloons with pick handles tearing them up and there was the preacher with his Bible for justification of their lawlessness. People heard their story about the dangers of firewater and they accepted it. On this basis the Constitution was amended. The consequences of their actions were probably not even considered. A decade later, or there about, the amendment was repealed.
A small minority has imposed their morality on the majority by use of government. Morality was going to be imposed on the country by the Federal Government. Morality was now a law. Where does morality come from? Many do not look in the mirror, they look elsewhere.
The United States had made a mistake and the law was changed.
The second group from the far left I’ll refer to as the Marxists. Like the temperance people they are a small minority, about 10%. Like the right group the Marxists seek out the government to impose their will.

A quick definition of Marxists; use of the government to control the economy of said country by laws and or force. Socialism does not use force or coercion and can be a private concern or government and or a combination of both. A modified form of socialism would be a corporation or a church group, IE Amish.
Today the Marxists dominate the democratic party to the point where they control the shots. When one listens to comments about Obama and his cronies one can see the Marxist aspect of his administration. Take out the hyperbole and it even becomes clearer. When Obama campaigned he campaigned on change and when listens to his rhetoric one can see the hints of Marxism in his speeches.
Find a book on Marx and read it, “Das Kapital” comes to mind then read Orwell’s books. Without any knowledge of these works my point of view and comments become babble for most people.
Since Obama has taken office the government has vested interest in finance company and manufacturers, a key ingredient if controlling the economy. Second with passage of the healthcare bill the government has gained another sector of the economy to control. Add in the various departments of government and today the government runs over 25% of the economy, the National Forests and Parks, Highway administration, EPA and the military, the list goes on. The government has big role in our lives.
With this consolidation power being concentrated in the hands of a few it will soon be easy for a despot to step and become supreme ruler of the United States. This is something the Marxists would love.
Marxism in theory looks good and in ideal circumstances with a benign leader it probably would work. There is one flaw and it the same flaw for capitalism. It is the downfall of both ideals, human contention and desires to be rulers/greedy. Greed fuels life so much and when one looks at the downfall of ideals one will see greed as the stick that knocked the pins out from under the party.
Now as a form of representative government here in the states I have to go with the will of the people and currently the will of the people is Marxism and I am not in favor of the ism, just as I am not in favor of the far right ism of temperance. Someplace between to two extremes rocks a pretty comfortable chair that is easy to take. As long as there are people running our country we need to understand that the change is in selves not from leaders. To have a more benign government we need to start paying attention to philosophies and be willing to vote out the incumbents, otherwise greed will overtake their ideals. Lastly is taking responsibility for our own lives.
In closing…. If you are a democrat why should I be obligated to pay for your health insurance, pay for your medical costs….. why are you imposing your will on me?


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