sorting pics

Went through the puter past couple of days sorting photographs into some kind of categories.  I had over 3000 to go thru.  Didn’t make it all the way, have a few more to sort out another day.  I put my train pics in one group and then city and prairie in another and then stored them into a memory stick.
The memory stick was slick.  i got my folders put together and then left them on the desktop and opened the memory stick.  Drug the folders into the stick and dropped the folder.  Easier then a CD which I have used in the past
I may take the old Cd’s and add their folders to memory sticks.  Uses less space and easier to handle also lose.
Got my grain elevator pictures sorted out and took a few of the better ones and posted them on a google web album, picasa.  Have a few more pictures to add and next month I have trip to Nebraska and will look for some more old grain elevators to add.
The two old ones here in town were torn down this past week.  It is one of those things where space is needed and the old buildings are some what dangerous.  Don’t know of any that have been preserved for any purpose.  Arvada kept the flour mill but the granary is gone.
This one sits in a neighboring town and right now is not in the way of anything so it may stay around for awhile.
When I started this little project i went on line and found some sites of elevators and a few albums.  One of the more interesting pictures came from a Canadian site.  The picture was probably in the mid 20’s.  The farmer has his team of horses hitched to two wagons.  8 horses drawing grain wagons on wheels about 10 feet high and the farmer would of been sitting about 12 feet in the air.
It was a great contrast to the modern equipment of today, air conditioned equipment, huge trucks and ease of travel.  If that farmer was more then 10 miles in the country that trip with the horses would of been an all day trip.
I believe spring has sprung.  Had rain showers and blustery cold wind yesterday.  Wind is finally dieing off this afternoon.  Frost is starting to leave and there are some green weeds here and there.  Heard a meadow lark singing other day, robins hopping around and there have been some red wing blackbirds at the feeder.  The winter birds are now being visited by the snow birds.

8 thoughts on “sorting pics

  1. Organization is a good thing isn’t it John? I just got a 1.5 TB external drive…I’m hoping that will hold me for a while LOL! I love the pictures you’ve got of building and prairie…as you know I live right next to it and love it. I’m excited to see it actually turn green again. We’ve had actual sixties here which has been awesome and what about today? Back to the thirties for a few days…well, that’s March but the tide is turning…that’s for sure!

  2. Hi John – old buildings are so rich in their stories! We passed an old rice mill processing plant on one of our road trips…I was snapping pictures like crazy – its was AMAZING!! I’ll have to dig it out and share it with you – I know you would like it!

  3. I have to have organized photos, files and other computer stuff… I jus don’t like disorder when it comes to my computer files…

  4. Memory sticks are great but I don’t trust them as far as I can throw them.Iv’e lost data on them twice and there was no reason for it to happen. Luckily I had it all on a hard drive.I think dvd’s are the best for long term storage.Have a great dayBill

  5. Yes this winter I manage to catorized the bulk of my best photos into folders and have been using the memory stick also. Actually I had to get some photos off my hard drive to make room. I also finally bought one of those little back up storage devices so I feel so much better about the safety of all my photos.

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