Nanny State Strikes….. again



                Colorado is working on another helmet law, this time for the little kiddies.  Riding any wheel type device or something like that, one is to wear head protection.  This is supposed to cover bike riders and skateboarders.  Now I wonder if this will extend to baby buggies/strollers?

            Legislators sit in ivory towers and pass laws that feel good but what will the law accomplish and how effective will it be.  Secondary message of any law is what is it saying to the general public?

            A law like this is one designed for re-election purposes.  The legislators can go on the stump and say they are looking for the children.  It can also be viewed as the legislators saying to the parents; you do not know how to protect your children and raise them properly, therefore I, the legislator, know what you are to do, I know better.  Laws like this tend to create two types of parents.  One that bristles under the collar at being told how to raise their children and the other just passes on to government and says, okay, you raise the kid.

            So what does the law accomplish, on one side it creates anger at government intrusion and on the other passivity and the shirking of responsibility Laws like this pull the carpet of responsibility out from under parents and looks at parents as being incompetent?  Big Brother says I know what’s best for your child and I will pass laws to make you compliant.  Oops, is a new class of criminal being created, what is the penalty if the kid is not wearing a helmet when skateboarding, does a parent have to be with the child all the time, is 24/7 parent supervision now a mandate by law?

            One thing, “A parent can not be held responsible for the torts of the child.”  So who is the law going to punish………. 

            Laws do not stop crimes, laws provide consequences for breaking laws and sometimes the punishment is a deterrent to prevent a person from breaking a law.  For social laws like this, who is the responsible party, who suffers the consequences?  Laws are not always a benefit for society in general.


                                                Other oddball Notes

            A group in Aurora, Co. has created a web site that lists the wages paid to the government workers of the town.  Needless to say it made a few public employees mad.  When one works for the tax dollar they should expect this type of thing when taxes are down and things are being cut.  I was surprised how many low level managers had 6 figure incomes. 

            Today I just read that public sector jobs are now paying 22% better than their comps in the private sector.  One can see where greed sets in.

            As a taxpayer I would like to see something similar on the Federal level.  How much are the cabinet heads being paid, department heads and staff members of Congress.  What kind of benefits do they have and what is their retirement plan?

            OOOOhhhhhh….. that would just boil some people, yet are I not entitled to know?


Have a good week…… and end.


8 thoughts on “Nanny State Strikes….. again

  1. I often get the sense that the current administration is treating the US like some kind of expiriment on a computer on a college campus…the problem with this whole thing is there are real life consequences…this isn’t a computer model…when we reach a meltdown over real life debt and lousy policy we can’t just go back and start over…real people are effected…not just this generation but the next.

  2. John, Thank you for the visit and comment at the Painting Studio. When I was a kid we never wore a helmet while riding the trike, bicycle, or scooter (there were no skate boards then). Though I had my share of spills there was no lasting damage. What’s next? Helmets for toddlers learning to walk or mandatory hip guards, helmets, knee and elbow pads for the elderly. Do have a good weekend and as ever be well

  3. Hi John, I am the product of a no bike helmet generation. Look at the mess we’ve made. Too many hits in the head could have been prevented if there had been the law. Yes, thou shall and shall not times thousands! Ten were just not enough.

  4. Hi John,You certainly make some valid points here! How did we ever manage? By the grace of God. and a busy set of guardian angels!Thanks for stopping by to visit.Have a great week…

  5. Legislators remind me of my Bosses & Team Leads… the only thing they have to do is to sit around and think up how to create me more work… On the other side, tho, is that some parents don’t care what their kids do, so at least the law will make the bozo’s ineptness enforceable…

  6. @ Fizz… it is not enforcable because a parent can not be held responsible for a child’s torts. It is like the horse being led to water… how do you force it to drink?

  7. Nanny state comes into play where it has no business – and when the government should be nanny to itself it isn’t! Go figure!

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