Deep Do Due


Deep Do Due


                It just keeps getting funnier and funnier in the roundhouse at DC.  A senator said I object and the senate came to a halt.  Well   for a short time.  The democrats were going to push through extensions of the stimulus and unemployment benefits.  The baseball pitcher pitched a strike, Sen. Jim Bunning said, “I object.”  The senate to back up and regroup, there is a rule to the effect that says pay as you go …. Hum, interesting rule.

                So this lone senator stops the bill and the dem’s got all upset.  Boy did they put out a guilt trip on Bunning.  Because he wanted the money to be there to cover these expenses they accused him of stopping all types of projects and nor giving money to the unemployed.  Well the dem’s should have been smarter than that.  Isn’t there supposed to be money to cover these expenses?    It’s almost like the dem’s think they can run to Obama’s basement and there will be bags of money there waiting for them.

                Bunning wants some cuts in various programs to cover the costs of the bills, which I think is commendable.  Now, is Bunning and the rest of the republicans ready to step up the plate and make a good pitch for cutting spending?

                A good cost saving measure would be for members of congress to say they will take a 30% pay cut for the good of the country and their staffs will take a 25% cut.  The republicans talk about less taxes and smaller government.  I feel it is about time they started practicing what they preach.  They should be the first to offer to take a pay cut and pay freeze over the next decade, until the economy picks up.

                Wonder if they would have the guts to into practice their agenda.  If not they are no different than Obama, lots of hot air and no walking the talk.

                Has the stimulus money worked anywhere?  What I’ve seen is mostly political bribery/payback, here is some money, go spend it and vote for me next election.


2 thoughts on “Deep Do Due

  1. We got some crapulus money in our state and so far it’s been used in some small towns to resurface some tennis courts…thousands and thousands for that…God knows what other waste has happened. I can hardly stand it when the debt is through the roof and nobody ever talks about taking the money that’s still sitting there and paying some of that…no of course not. I hope that the Republicans practice what they preach my friend but I don’t see another Reagan out there yet…maybe we never will. It’s a frustration to say the least. There’s some time but if they say Obama inherited a mess…my gosh, what would they call what the next president gets?

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