On the Other Side Is???

It was spring this past weekend.  There were showers, virga and wind..  Only one problem…. it was a cold wind a blowing.  Down out of the North came the Hawk a howling.  sunday morn the ground was speckled with white.  There had been snow showers with that cold wind


Across the grasslands the storm clouds were a brewing.  These little cells came rolling through kicking up the dust and trash.   To the south things flew.  More the cells boiled up the colder it was.  Each time old man north wind would howl it was with new energy and gusto.  The Canadians were generous to a fault, they sent their excess colder then cold air south.



Huff an Puff and the clouds scurried off into the distance to be followed by more.  All day through the night the Hawk of the north howled.




Off on a tnagent, Sunday at church a young homeless couple walked in during communion.  They were pretty disheleved and haggered looking.  Didn’t get much information on their situation but one thing came across, they expected help and they got some.  What bothered me was the air of entitlement they had.  There was no look or appearance meekness or humility, it was like, here we are… do something.

The entitlement expectations we have created as a society has created a monster and people keel into it.  I have no problems helping people but what are they doing to help themselves.

There was a potluck after church that day so the couple was well fed and they got a full tank of gas to continune their journey.

It is troubling to see people like this, they seemed so helpless, yet, that is what plays on the heart strings.  It was a great big question and what is the answer.


7 thoughts on “On the Other Side Is???

  1. Great pictures John. Do you live out there in the wide open? I know that doubt you were feeling and God maybe testing as some say, and some may say they could have been angels. In today’s economy the troubles are many for folks so I don’t question anymore.

  2. I love storm pictures John, I seriously enjoy taking pictures of the storms that roll in come spring and summer…one of my favorite subjects for photos in fact. Entitlement…yes, the attitude that is unappreciative is hard to take for sure. Our church is in a very rough neighborhood and I’ve seen some really rotten attitudes…some even feel they can come in and say awful things about God and the church though they fully expect help…something about that is really hard to take.

  3. HI John…the hawk is howling here…please, send some spring this way?It is a nice thing that you and your church did for the homeless. I do agree that the entitlement expectations in our society have become a curse. Helping others never is…but helping people to the point of dependence is a curse. Helping people to help themselves is a blessing. We should never let people go hungry, or live in the cold, but what we are doing as a society, perpetuating an acceptance of entitlement until it becomes the status quo…well… that is a problem. Just this week I was lambasted by another for sharing that opinion–but it was a personal attack. With nothing concrete with which to defend his position, his argument became simply–that I am a hater.With the economy as it is–and in spite of optimistic forecasts–and I suspect to remain for a while, there are more and more people who need the help. It is hard enough during good times, to help a person who has fallen to regain their footing and stand tall. I guess that those of fortunate enough to have jobs and homes, no matter how humble they be, will just continue helping. We would all have it no other way, I am sure.Just a thought while musing on your post…my mother appears to be an ungrateful person. It is good that my 7 siblings and I had our dad coaching us to be grateful while we grew up. For years I wondered at why my mother could not bring herself to say the words, "Thank you" until I recognized a bit of this in myself. Embarrassment to accept something from others. Please don’t ask me where that came from. :-) I can only guess. We never trick-or-treated because that was begging, and although we lived a life of nearly abject rural poverty, we did not accept help of any kind.I guess that that is where my lack of sense of entitlement comes from, as well, possibly at times, appearing not nearly as grateful as I truly am. Perhaps your homeless visitors felt such embarrassment. How much worse can it be than to have to turn to the charity of others just to survive? I cannot imagine being homeless…and even though I think that I have my pride in check, to beg from others might truly test what pride remained.Like you, I don’t know what is the answer. So…we continue to help…and wonder…and ask…

  4. You never know what the North winds will blow in. There are those who need help but will not ask, then there are those who don’t need help and will ask. I use to see this everyday while I was driving around Austin. They were standing on the corners with their signs. I for one would never hand them a dime, however, I did share my lunch and pass out water. It got so bad here that they started using their pets. Just to make you feel sorry for them all the more. Still no money, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

  5. The clouds/sky in top photo look other worldly. What a great shot.Yes, Canadians known for generousness…LOL. However not from YVR side or we would have sent rain.Hard to gauge where people coming from when such situations of desperation.Perhaps, just hunger creating irrational/strange vibe.More and more hungry coming to the door.When grandparents told of hungry coming out to farm during Depression there was always a bit of work attached and this taught to respect dignity so no one felt a beggar or put down . . . perhaps this greet, feed, please leave forgets some of this basic psychology?

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