Cold Clear Blue Skies

Haven’t had much snow here but it has been cold, below zero past couple of mornings.  This morning it was foggy and frosty, a white frosted landscape.  The fog burned off and there was a clear blue sky overhead.  We got up into the forties today and melted most of the leftover sonw and ice from last weekend.  Had to laugh at the east coast and their woes of the snow.  Everything all closed up…. ooohhhh poor things.  Take a couple of days off, there is nothing real important in the world that the government needs to tend to.   We are a pretty capable citzens and lots of us have dealt with more snow then they are griping about there.  Then the newscaster said that with the government being shut down us citzens lost a 100 million dollars in productivity.  I really doubt that, with them not working it probably saved us taxpayers a 100 million big ones.
Snow and weather in general causes panic in some but if I’m prepared for it no big deal.  Nature has dealt and I have no problem playing the dealt hand.  Weather is a good conversation item and it is always changing.
Earthquakes…. jello bowl we live on shakes.  When the volacano was burping in Alaska I would monitor the USGS earthquake web site.  It is kind of cool.  It shows the quakes all around the world and it is amazing how many earthquakes there are daily.  This is a link to the site…  It shows the one near Chicago and there have also been ones in SE Missouri, Texas Panhandle, New Jersey, Tennessee and just east of Maine plus all the quakes on the left coast.  The world we live is a changing and the politicans have nothing to do with it.


These old wooden metal clad grain elevators are biting the dust out on the prairies.  In the neighboring towns there were 5 of them that were recently demolished.  I’ve decieded to start taking pictures and cataloguing these old skyscrapers from the past and put them on a web space.  Google has free space of sorts and I’m going to try and build a decent site to post pictures and some stories/history about the dwindling icon of farmland.

This one is in pretty good shape and was in use until recently.  The railroad has changed its rate structure so it is cheaper to ship by truck rather then rail.

check out its name….. rather unusual.


Cool clear waters…. and they flow on…. Peace like a River.




11 thoughts on “Cold Clear Blue Skies

  1. I feel bad for the people out east. Emergency vehicles couldn’t get through to help. What a mess. In the country we throw on another log and there’s always a full pantry and someone with a plow to help out. But life is more complicated in the big cement cities. Great idea with your photos John.

  2. Yes, it’s been a mess in the east. We lived in Oklahoma for a while and were just amazed at how little it took to shut everything down…now this is a real storm. I noticed a senator from Wyoming was there saying it was no big deal…LOL! No kidding, not for those of us from the north western states. Let’s hope this won’t lead to another emergency spending package….ugh!

  3. Are you tracking any elevator explosions?? Grain dust is extremely volatile. Progress dictates that newer, bigger. better comes after a loss.What were the reasons for the demoliton of the five in the neighboring towns? That would be an interesting bit of information to add to your website of pictures.Very nice and familiar looking picture here in the midwest!Loving the snow that we have! Wish you good day, John…

  4. Lovet those old grain elevators… reminds me of good times gone by… you can also see the quakes in Google Earth… my favorite application.

  5. As always another great photo. Good idea of storing a tracking the old buildings.I once lived on the East Coast, seen some big snow falls. "But this" I don’t know. I am glad to live here in Texas, now.Have son that lives in Wilmington DE. 66+ inches nowhere to put it.

  6. Thank you for your prayer John. My little jar is looking alittle brighter because of it….. Great photo here and idea you have about putting on web space. We are expecting snow in South Carolina, but has yet to be seen. I may write a blog about it, if I do please humor me ok, As WE NEVER GET SNOW, accept once every Century.

  7. Interesting blog John. You sound like one content man. That is good. It is a shame if they are tearing down these old icons of History. You would think these historic building would be preserved. You can learn so much from history but I guess some people just don’t care about heritage. Love the photo and think it is a great idea what you are doing. Take care John.Dianne :)

  8. I agree with you, they all who aren’t prepared can take a little time off to account for Ma Nature, we’ll get by just fine.If the economy suffers then let it, I mean screw it, their little local storm doesn’t affect my income whatsoever!The press and politicians are full of themselves and are fear merchants. They are wimps too LOLWouldn’t it be nice to hear about the positive side? I do appreciate being disrupted by natural events, and feel for the guy or gal having to dig out.You got blue sky, we got earthquakes, below zero is cold. Life is diverse and rich…It is good being connected with you John.I love that photo, nice job!

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