Damm Politico’s

Where’s My

Money Going?



                The budget numbers are out, 3.5 trillion dollars, one trillion over budget, holy cow that a bunch of bucks.  I have a hard time getting my mind around that much money yet that is what our federal government wants to spend during the upcoming fiscal year.  Man if I went one penny over budget the ex would ream me out and I would be grounded.  Hummmm wonder if I could get the ex to ground congress for a few years and get them back in line.

                The democrats are in power now so they will be getting most of the flak.  The porkbarrell keeps getting bigger and deeper, so many special interest projects in it to try and buy more votes.   The S*** hit the fan over the finance monies for candidates but look at how tax money is being used in the same way. 

                Stimulus money is a great guise for pay back on political favors and so have the bailout monies.  Anybody that has studied an US history over the past 100 years knows that the government has very little positive impact on the economy.  So when Bush wanted some stimulus money to be sent out I was surprised, then he bailed out a company and rejected another.  The very opposite of what conservatives preach.  Yet tax money was used for vote gathering, the company Bush bailed out was a big contributor to his party and the one he didn’t, well they contributed to the opposition.  Hum, political payola?

                Obama is very astute, and watched what Bush did.  Obama did the same as Bush and he got the same result with the economy and he made the same political hay.  Is tax money now being used for political gain, it would appear so.  The companies bailed out were big political contributors to his campaign coffer.  The stimulus money where did it go?

                Here in Colorado most of what I’ve seen has been through the state government.  The sate has been using it to keep the state running because of the balanced budget law.  Colorado can operate in a deficit mode, it has to balance its budget.  So lots of the stimulus money has gone to various agencies to keep their staff rather than layoffs.  Stimulus money has also went to the state highway department.  Again very little money went to contractors.  Most of the money was spent in busy work to keep highway employees busy and no layoffs.  The majority of state employees vote democrat and their jobs were aided by a democratic president.  Wonder where a republican president would of sent it, big corporations, I doubt it they gave as much if not more to the democrats.  The middle and smaller businesses supported the republicans.  Who do the republicans want to support?

                Then there is, us, the little people, I can feel the shaft being driven deeper an deeper.  The voters are getting caught up in a viscous cycle supporting some nasty cronyism from both sides of the aisle.  FDR’s programs kept people from starving but it did nothing for the economy.  Today that is used to curry political favor.

                I agree with lots of people, vote the cockroach blood suckers out.  Anybody that has been in congress for more than 6 years should be booted.  Maybe the people can get their government back.  Stop voting party lines and vote against the incumbent is my slogan for the coming year.  Then start pushing for term limits and looking at the record of the candidate.  Lots of the troubles we have in the country come from our voting patterns and allowing people to stay in DC so long. 


                                                Oh my goodness got my ranting and raving out, now I feel better.  Good therapy ranting at the politicians, the cockroaches.

4 thoughts on “Damm Politico’s

  1. yea that does seem huge money angel eyes but here they once spent 40,000 dollars for sime engineer to tell them what all the local farmers already knew

  2. I have never been a fan of the crapulus bill but that’s not what hit me this year. Most of all I find that more than ever I’m sick to death of the dishonestly and ridiculous idea that government can solve anything. Government may be necessary but the only way you can live with it is to keep it nice and small. The more it interferes with things the worse mess we get. The problem has been the rise of progressivism that is eating both parties alive and helping us all circle down the drain as they destroy themselves and us. That’s the thing that bothers me about cockroaches: they say after a desaster those things manage to thrive when everything else dies.

  3. Deficit spending?Same Canada.Canada was so close to a balanced budgetthen decisions re. economic stimulus…and well let’s not repeat ourselves.Enjoyed the post.

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