Busy Weekend

This was a weekend of here an there.  I cleaned house Sat. and did laundry and that evening was the annual dinner and fund raiser for the Heritage society.  I help with their annual Railroad Days by putting together a model train show and swap meet.  This will the third year and it is also the 100th birthday for the train depot which is now a museum.  The local heritage group has put together a very impressive display of local pioneer history.  The grounds are about two blocks long and have four different display buildings plus equipment. and gardens.
They have an auction of various donated items and just listening to the auctioneer is a treat and a good show.  That went late into the evening and the following day was more.
After Church, it was off to a small community down south for the quarterly meeting of the county historical society.  It is sparcely settled and wide open prairie.
The lady that hosted the meeting was a collector of old kitchen wares.  She displayed a part of her depression glassware.  The young lady was in her mid 80’s and remebered every place whaer she found the various dishes and what their style was.
There were tables set up throughout her home and the glassware, not all of it, was labeled and displayed.  She said there were over 167 patterns of glassware and about 5 colors.  She has put lots of work into her collection.  She noted a lots of the glassware came in cereal boxes or other products during the depression.  There were styles of all types, serving dishes and condiment glassware.  It was fascinating to just wander through and look at the stuff.  
It makes me so thankful for today and the ease of my life compared to what the people of that generation had to endure.
Stuck in a corner was thsi little toy truck, very popular thru the 50’s.  Wonder how many of you rember the Jewel Tea company.  They were a home delivery company.
Hey it was fun and enjoyable weekend.
It was a long and straight road getting there, over open country.  Oh, yeah it was cold and blustry.  Today is clear and sunny.

8 thoughts on “Busy Weekend

  1. What a fun time John, it was sure great to be able to see the pictures and share your journey. It’s pretty cool here right now too but temperatures over freezing before long are sure to make a mess of things. Have a great day!

  2. I guess that I am the only one so far remembers the Jewel Tea company. The depression glassware brings back fond memories too. As always great photos

  3. John, Mother used to keep her collection of glassware in the china cabinet and prefered green glass though she also had some soft pink frosted items also. The Jewel truck caused me to remember that Jewel-Park is or was located in Barrington, Il. It was the warehouse and distribution center for home delivery shopping. I worked there for a few months filling orders when I took a break from tending bar and managing restaurants sometime in the mid 70’s. It was good hard work and got me back in shape in no time at all. The warehouse crew were a diverse and most curious lot of men. Those one step ahead of the law, those who did their time, and those who did not fit in. Kept to myself, worked hard and gained respect before moving on. I remember a sign that read, " Do not feed the animals ", Thought the sign was for the truckers but no, it was for us. Smile!As ever be well

  4. Sounds like you had a nice weekend John. Nice display of glasswear. The young lady in her 80’s must have been right in her glory, showing her collection of treasures. :)Love the picture of the long straight road. Looks like a good place to go biking in the warmer days that lay ahead.Have a blessed week Dianne :)

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