Making Do

Out on the far reaches of the prairie one learned to live independently.  Electricity didn’t show up in rural areas until the 30’s and then television was something way over there in the big city.
Wind chargers were used to generate their own electricity or a gas generator and there was usually 3-5 hours of electricity for lights and the radio.  Hum electronic games, were checkers or cards.
Then to get a TV signal was to build a tower to the clouds and maybe get a snowy dim picture.  What some people used to get the antenna up in the air is amazing or harness the wind.
This is one of those forgotten towns.  It is my understanding an ole duffer lived out here that was quite the welder and he built all types of things.  These are but a couple of things he put togather over the years.  He built a lighthouse of parts and when he passed on the locals were afraid of vandals so it was moved to a neighboring town and is part of the museum collection.

5 thoughts on “Making Do

  1. I know of the creativity of welders, my dad has been one his whole life and the experience he had from work always followed him home for the various projects he had. Fortunately we didn’t have to go through such measures for electricity! Great picture John!

  2. Great local history John. Love the photo as well. Nice to see a blue sky. Gray here and trying to snow again.Have a beautiful rest of the day. Thanks for the visit also. I am taking some kind of arthritis medication for now that does make me tired and today is good so far. :)

  3. What total inguinity. Glad preserved in a museum setting.I regret I cannot fix an electrical plug and always admire those who can make for themselves.Amazing how ppl did build skyscraper atennas to catch the bable from the skiesnow it’s just piped in-house. LOL

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