Weekend Laundry

Once in a whike I have to find clean clothes so I do some washing every so often.  I have my washing machines out and ready to go to work
Everybody have a great weekend… stay warm keep the powder dry

6 thoughts on “Weekend Laundry

  1. I don’t have too much trouble keeping the powder dry John however keeping it warm might be a challenge. I think I’ve used washing machines akin to those abroad a time or two…not a pleasant memory…my clothes really suffered!

  2. LOL..The washing machines never stop in this house…yet another thing that constantly needs doing…Maybe I should borrow yours?

  3. If my mom so those wringer washers and they either work or she could get them working she’d take one. She always says nothing ever gets the clothes as clean as the wringer washer she used to have. Have a great weekend.

  4. Wonderful picture…I think about you almost everyday and wonder how you are doing? So I give you a little prayer of peace and understanding. Be well and enjoy your family.

  5. I love this portrait of old washers.Actually I quite enjoy your portraits of elderly machines,especially in their forgottenessand there seems a patient waiting in their repose.Great subject niche.Thanks for sharing

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