one here and one there

Little Brown Jug…. yeppers that what the radio be a playin.  Believe it was Glenn Miller or…. any way… Little Brown Jug, you an me, Little brown Jug… an on on and on.  Gotta love the ole time big band music.  gonna go curl up with a honey an snuggle.  Life doesn’t get much better.
Went to the clinic today for the check up.  They said i appear to have all parts and pieces connected in the proper places.  I said thanks, ya should of seen how much super glue it took to put everything back in order after the bean erruption.
Take the camera with me an go through on the old highways when possible.  Some of these town have some of the neatest old buildings.
this was an early version of homeland security.  The National Guard trained here and kept some equipment in the armory, particulary small arms.  In the events of disaters, floods, storms and riots this was the states response team.  Ordered out by the governor they would respond with what they had been trained, communciation, earth moving, manpower…etc.  Most armories are clsoed and empty like this one.  they had other uses in their career, meeting halls, weddings, dances and other.  This one I remeber because some of us would get together and go down the road for the Saturday night dance.  Kick up our heels, hustle the girls, sip the moonshine and in general raise a ruckus, it was in somebody eleses town.
They were neat old buildings and fun places in their day.  Had a friend that grew up in the dust bowl.  I would stop in at the home and visit her and a few others.  She always had good stories from her early days.  The Sat. nite dances were a big part of social life back then.  The music was somebody with a fiddle or a piano.  they would dance the night away to the melody of a fiddle or the piano player.  A hat would be passed to take up a collection for the musician.  She said they usually got a dollor or so, pennies and nickles mostly.  WE didn’t have much money back then you know.  Great lady, she was 96 when she passed away last December.
Work during the depression was not unusal and there were not too many overweight people then.  Go out dancing helped to keep one slim and trim….. OH Yeah.

This is a little corner gas station that dates back to the 20’s.  Been past it many times, today for what ever reason deceided to take a picture.  It’s been modified some but it is a place for some TBA storage, oil and counter with a chair or two.  Everything else was outside, pit, tire rack and work station. 

When I younger there was one similar in my town and I thought it was so cool to watch the gas get pumped up into the glass tank then disappear down the hose to the car’s gas tank.


Swinging an swaying to Pandora, the muted brass, crooning voice softly over the airwaves.  It is cuddling time,


bye bye bye birdy




11 thoughts on “one here and one there

  1. You have some history going on here again John, I like that. My dad’s old home town used to have historic buildings aplenty but it’s become more touristy now so I’m not sure what still remains. Those always look to be better times somehow.

  2. Buildings are like people, as long as they stay active and social they remain in good repair. With all the talk of cutting budgets and savings where they can be found it would make sense to start using some of these old buildings again, schools, clinics, work shops, shelters, what ever. We have become so hooked on requiring new things when we start something new. Reading this brings back memories of riging through small souther towns on the way to dates or just killing time. Always interesting old things just sitting off here or there. We always hung out at parking lots or parks, listening to car radios and sometings building a fire to sit around, talk, and enjoy beverages of various potencies. Makes me feel sorry for kids these days, all connected and wrapped up in their cacoons of digital communication, missing out on the joys of discovery and creativity of small town weekends… Great stories and pictures!

  3. Glad yer parts are all accounted for an workin proper. I love old buildings and wish people would preserve them if they can.Vegas wastes so much money to tear down and rebuild all the time jist for a new look. Enjoy your music and yer cuddler.

  4. Good Morning John..well it is here but only just. Love the pictures and the history…Little Brown Jug eh…reminds me of the days dancing with my Grandad…(ha you have me singing it now)Be well xx

  5. I’m so in love with the old days. I love the small Gas Station, in particular. It’s find memories of a slower, simpler time where people were genuine and true. There is so much hurry, chaos and complexity in the world, it’s nice to remember the good times…

  6. Nice to hear your doing well John. Love the photo of the old building and the history.Take care and have a great weekend.Lisa

  7. That gas station such an iconic moment. Can almost see those big old-fashioned gas pumps, big circle heads. There is a yummy dreaminess to the big band music, very orchestrated/very melodic. Enjoy that music…well I like all kinds of music, even the oddest collection of old versions of O! Canada.Glad you’re out travellin’ and showing us the local history/scenart. Snow all gone? Already? This soon.Have some daffodils sprouting already. Very springlike in YVR. Smells of spring starting. Trees in bud some places too. Was a merciful winter for YVR – no big blizzards like last year although last week’s big wind storm a bit over the top.Take care

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