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The Poor Boy


          Where’s the beef, a phrase from a commercial a number of years ago.  Ask that question toady and one would probably get the answer, no money were broke.  No more beef and there is now a loud clamor of beefs. 

          The people that lived off the taxes from others are getting hit big time.  Many of the states have balanced budget laws and unlike the federal government cannot engage in deficit spending.  Layoffs of state workers is happening here and there, mostly for a day or two here and there.  I have not heard of any long term layoffs.  Personally I see a few on the horizon and a few will probably be in the wrong place. 

          One of those are going to be the schools.  At church last Sunday during bible study this issue came up.  One of the members is an administrator for one of the local elementary schools.  He was talking about staff cuts, pay cuts and consolidation.  Ugly words for educators, for they struggle so much anyway.  The principal noted he wasn’t too sure what he was going to do.

          Pastor looked at him and said your answer is right here.  We had been studying Psalm 121.  Instead of looking to the government to solve your problems look to where the Psalmist found his solutions.  “We have been looking to the government for too long to take care of us.”  “This should point out to lots of people we cannot rely on the government to take care of us and solve our problems,” the Pastor finished.

          Man great words of insight and wisdom for a person to live by.  Here is Psalm 121, (NIV).


Psalm 121



A song of ascents.    




Ps 121:1 I lift up my eyes to the hills— where does my help come from?

Ps 121:2 My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven of and earth.   


Ps 121:3 He will not let your foot slip— he who watches over you will not slumber;

Ps 121:4 indeed, he who watches over Israel will neither slumber nor sleep.


Ps 121:5 The LORD watches over you—the LORD is your shade at your right hand;

Ps 121:6 the sun will not harm you by day, nor the moon by night.


Ps 121:7 The LORD will keep you from all harm  —he will watch over your life;

Ps 121:8 the LORD will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore.


          These are some of the most reassuring words one can read.  From experience I know that the Lord is my help, my strength and my solution provider. 

          I look at those words and then the dilemma that will be facing the schools.  God has been booted so for out of the classroom it will be difficult to get Him back there but those who invite Him into their classroom He will be there.  I remember starting out the school day with a prayer and a time of silence for others.  There was no forcing, tying or threats to those who did not believe they could just be silent in respect of the others and all were silent in respect to all.

          I’ll bet the superintendant takes his problems to the Lord now and will probably ask a few others in school to pray with him.  God is always there yet so often we rely on ourselves to cure out problems.  Yes God gives us talents but how do we use them; to honor God or to honor ourselves.

          Tribulations are put in front of us to help remember who our creator is.  Sometimes these tribulations are consequences because of our actions, a chastisement to bring us back in line with the Holy Spirit.  In the Old Testament there were many times when the Hebrews would worship other Gods and God would provide consequences.  One of the harsher ones was the en slavery to the Babylonians.  Some great stories of repentance came out of that period and what happened to the Hebrews when they turned back to God.   

          Right now the country is experiencing difficulties as are many people.  Yet I do not see many in the country seeking the help of God.  I have yet to hear of the US President have a prayer breakfast with staff to work on problems.  I don’t hear Congress inviting the chaplains to have prayers for them as they work on the countries problems.

          Instead I hear of small groups trying to get God banned from our country and not many people confronting these people.  I read during Christmas time that 78% of the US population profess to be Christian.  That leaves 22% non-Christian.  Count the God fearing religions in and there are maybe 10% who don’t believe in God.  10% of the people are taking God out of your country, what’s UP.

          So back to the tax problem, God asks for 10%, the government takes more than 30%.








13 thoughts on “Where is Help

  1. Morning John, Oh the worries of the world. I must confess we would all be praying non-stop, such a heavy load to carry.Have a lovely day

  2. Powerful scriptures John. I think your on track from start to finish. This, I believe is a symptom of what happens when we pull away from God and thus morality….it’s so much like the prodigal son who felt he had it all so he walked away from his dad…spent his inheritance on riotous living and found himself with nothing. I feel that the US is exactly in this spot…question is: will we return to what gave us prosperity in the first place?

  3. Studying Psalms now in Bible study. Most of this country has turned to be non-believers and that is our problem. You and I know that those in DC were not raised this way.Good story.

  4. This is outstanding..I liked each word and I agree with them as well. And frankly I too needed the reminder to pray for the Country and the leaders we have right now. And Joe said it well too. As with the Prodigal Son…God, the Lord is only waiting for us to come home to Him once again when we turn it over in prayer to Him and leave it there, fully trusting in Him. Perfect Psalm and I will let that be my devotional tonight. Thank you.

  5. Solomon, one of the Hebrews wisest kings and annoited by God, became jaded and turned from God in his later years. Much like the rulers we have in government today. Turn the old dogs out and get some new ones in that fear God or we can follow Solmon’s steps.

  6. An elementary faith is introduced in Genesis 1:1. Unfortunately it is at the same point where doubt begins. That doubt has infiltrated the theology of most believers today. Six days? Surely God could not do that. Once that seed of doubt is planted what else can God not do?

  7. @J , For God what is a day, how does God measure time? To understand God’s measurement one must read the Bible and if one wants to doubt, That is okay with God, for the doubters are not the first in history to have hard hearts. Ask Pharoah whar happens when he doubted and his heart was hardended.

  8. Wonderful words in this blog John and lots to read and reflect on as well. Thankyou. Ps 121. 1 is on of my very favorites and so very ture to me.

  9. Great advice John, looking to a self serving, coruptable, parasitic organization to solve a problem is a sure fire path to ruin, personal and society wise. I was taught the Lord helps those who help themselves, I still beleive that. You have to take responsibility for your life and do your best and aim higher, God will assist when needed. Governments create problems, not solve them. How can tax payer jobs solve unemployment if there are less tax payers? We need to seriously take a look at the last 30 years of liberalization have led to and see if we are still willing to go down that path. Freedom of religion just means Congress shall not establish a religion, like the King George did after his tiff up with the Pope. Personal responsibility, accountability, and hard work are what we need now, this will humble us and hopefully get us back on the right track as a God fearing nation.

  10. I do believe in God. And pray.Only on a dfferent way. I believe in the All source and if I am in nature I pray and thanks and love. Minimal in church, to many different ones and believe systems. And when I look to this.,I see, all this believe systems have make war with each other in Historie. I do believe in God and also in peace!!!! Thanks Dear John for this, also the prayer, I do respect, also believe. only on a naturel way in nature.A Naturel Helping Hand From All Source.Have a nice day!!!!

  11. It is bad when the jobs that get cut are in the worng areas. Instead of cutting back the government offices, they cut back on teachers, police, firefighters, and ambulance services. Does anyone else see anything wrong with that?When it comes to people saying that God has been kicked out of the schools, I disagree. God isn’t only in the moment of silence or the prayer over the announcement system. God is always there as long as there are real Christians there as students or faculty. No one can stop them from praying for help. Ok, I hear you now … "They’ve prohibited public prayer." Should that stop a real Christian from doing what they should. Any Christian can pray at any time and it doesn’t have to be said aloud. If people are afraid God has been booted out of the schools it’s because they’re children aren’t acting like real Christians.

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