Short Train Ride

Short Train Ride


     Missouri Toodie posted a video from Britain about trains plowing snow.  Watching the giant machines plow the snow and sometimes getting stuck is awesome.  The massive machines and the diminutive man battling Mother Nature is a show.

     One of my hobbies is railroad photography and model railroads.  I don’t post much of it on here because most of it I post on Railroad sites or put them in my train albums on Picasa at Google, similar to Flikr.  There is an allure about trains that grabs me.  I can take a book or …… and go down to the tracks and sit and watch trains pass by.  Sometimes there are a few of us that get together and pass the day with tall tales.  We have taken trips together and train rides.

     I’ll take over 2000 pictures of trains a year, a few get posted on the web and some end up with stories.  With the computer and digital cameras it is not as expensive as the old film cameras were.  Therefore I shoot more images now.  I still have many of the old slides and prints from years past and the train post made me go scrounging.


     This picture of Amtrak was taken about 20 years ago.  It was on its way to the test track at Pueblo.  Railroads have unusual rules and there were two crews on board, the Amtrak crew and a Santa Fe crew.  The Santa Fe crew was the pilot crew since Amtrak did not run on this track they had to have an escort crew from the operating RR.  When we seen this foreign critter we had to get a closer view. 

     As I was getting a closer look a head pops out the window and starts waving.  It turns out it was the conductor I knew from the club I’m in.  He invited us up into the car and we got a tour and he took us into the engine for a tour also.  We got a ride of about 50 feet.  Amtrak was on red blocks waiting for another train to pass from the other direction and we got a ride up to the red light in the engine cab.

     Being a railfan and getting in an engine like that is a rarity.  Most of the time I’m like everybody else, I’ve got to buy a ticket to ride.


14 thoughts on “Short Train Ride

  1. I enjoy the railroad too. I grew up along the Southern rails in Georgia and my office today is still there. They’re fascinating, a little inconvienent at times but I still will watch them pass, ground shaking behemoths that stretch for miles it seems!

  2. Loong ago I rode a passenger train with my grandma and granpa…I thought it was pretty amazing! Somehow the trains I’ve ridden in my life mostly ended up being over seas…India and Japan. From what I’ve read of railway accidents in India I count myself blessed to have lived through it!

  3. A couple of years ago my sis rode the Amtrak from WV to visit me. She was very impressed with the cleanliness and the fact that they stayed very close to their time schedule.

  4. John, Some years ago while waiting for the City of New Orleans to depart Union Station in Chicago ten or twelve of us were on our way to Mardi Gras’. While waiting, out of the back packs came vodka, gin, ice, olives, twists of lemon and MASH size cocktail martini glasses. The train ride to New Orleans was very memorable, as was, the two weeks party. The ride back to Chicago was a bit rough with a liver the size of Idaho and a head to match. My Irish Grandfather was a railroad man and I have a bit of respect and understanding of the times and traditions. As ever be well, my friend

  5. Hi John , The only train I have ever been on was from my home town to Toronto on a Via Rail Train. I loved the ride and had a wonderful weekend in Toronto and didn’t have to fight the traffic . I saw a train go by once in the winter and it was so cool the way it blew the snow to the sides and thought that would make an awesome photo. I am sure you know what I mean.Thanks for sharing your very interesting blog.Dianne :)

  6. John ,, I loved your story here about the trains and all the ones you have taken photos of. You have a heart for somethings that are so very interesting and yet over time are forgotten and left for nothing. They took the old tracks out by our small French town that is close. I hated to see them go . The Grain Elevator went with them and moved to bigger more urban areas. Most of us grain frarmer now have big set ups and hugh trucks to haul our own grain out ect.Love your photo and the colors are so beautiful.. Great shot and its still in fine shape.Thanks for your kind words today and visit. Always a pleasure to see you stop by.Lisa

  7. There is a train about 15 miles away that does go by and if the weather is just right and the wind also I can still hear it but not offen.Depends on the Highs and Lows in the Air too. Would that be right or am I wrong. I do hear it but not all the time.

  8. John, so glad you got to take a ride, and enjoyed yourself. I rode several trains, when I was a small girl. I can’t remember what kind now, only that it was some what exciting. My father was in service 21 yrs, and was mostly stationed overseas in germany, where I was born, but my parents where from S.C…… So all I remember pretty much were Planes,which I hated, trains and automobiles, all my life. AS we were always moving. Thank you for your wonderful comment, and for giving me a sense of worth. Bless u my friend. Take care

  9. Very cool! How unusual is that to see a head stickin’ out that is a friend. Good deal… you got to get the deluxe treatment!

  10. I have not had so many train rides.Brief romance with train ended after it took 20 and something hours to go from YEG to YVRdue to massive snowstorm.Hilarious…ran out of food, water, and no cell phones in those daysAbout 25 of us out at first stop after mountains to use an outdoor phone boothto let ppl know where we were/were notWhen finally arrived in the grand ole train station in YVRthere was mountains of snow…most unusual for us at west coast.Hhhmmm…have not thought of train rides in a longish time.

  11. The first time I visited your Space, John, the first thing I noticed was your interest in railroading. I’m not that much into railrod stuff, but I do have a lot of family history through the old Milwaukee Road, Chicago Northwestern, and Union Pacific lines. Family members were telegraphers, rail laborers, and one even worked at a plant which made creosote-treated railroad ties. Sadly, I’ve only ridden a train once (Milwaukee Road) when I was 5 or 6, and still remember the feel of the vibrations through the floor.Let’s hope the trains continue to roll for a long time to come!

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