A White Christmas…..probably

Yesterday is was cloudy and as evening approached the wind picked up and the clouds turned gray and roily.  Nightfall and it was better biting wind and the snow began.  Slowly drifitng to the ground, the wind had abated and a blanket of white layered the ground.  By this morning there was about 4-5 inches of the white stuff. 
It is a real dry powdery snow and eaisly blows.  Now it is a soft swirly snow twisting to the ground. 
For Christmas eve there should be a good mantle of white and Christmas day it will be white but very cold.  Well below freezing for a high, 15-20 degrees F.
Last summers flower pots and stand sit under a soft blanket of snow.  In respite they await the coming of warmer times.
               The once brown pastures now rest under a white covering.  A winter drink for the dry grasses.
The highway is covered with snow and the occasional travEler passes by.
Yes it will be a white Christmas.
                                          MERRY CHRISTMAS
                                          HAPPY NEW YEAR
                                            TO ALL

11 thoughts on “A White Christmas…..probably

  1. Lookin’ like a white Christmas is pretty likely for us too John, I was wondering with the day with fifty-three degrees not long ago. The thing is it might have some icy rain which I’m not thrilled over too. Merry Christmas John, no matter the weather.

  2. merry christmas John,Hope you always happy.Can i tell you that ?i feel peace and warm somewhere deeply in my heart everytime when i read your words. maybe you did not remember but i will never forget ,When i feel despair and sorrow your comment to my blog bring me warm and comfortable.you are a gift from god.happy new year angel CH

  3. Merry Christmas John. I really enjoy your space and insight. Blessed be this year for you and all you love. May He cloak you in Grace.J.W.L.

  4. They say that the temperatures will be dropping tonight, a chance of rain, Christmas should be cloudy and brite. The white stuff would okay for all the little ones, only if would disappear in a day or two.Just be safe and enjoy it while you can. Photos look cold.

  5. Looks very much the same as it does here, though thankfully we never get to minus 15..Have a Wonderful and Blessed Christmas John..xxx

  6. here we are supposed to have 43 degrees fahrenheit for Christmas and rain love it but then i’m a bit odd always have been angel eyes

  7. My goodness. A year passes by so fast! Hard to believe that it is nearly Christmas! I do not feel too Christmassy myself as I have been flat out working at Priceline! How have you been? Keeping yourself busy?I hope that you enjoy Christmas 2009MERRY CHRISTMASxoxo Lozza

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