Christmas Decorations

In the side yard
awaiting a roaster

19 thoughts on “Christmas Decorations

  1. Oh how beautiful John. Is this your livingroom? I want to sit and play chinese checkers with you! The wreaths are so nice and those turkeys! They do look plump!

  2. This is the senior center in neighboring town, I do have a chinese checkers board in the closet. The turkeys are all around the neighborhood…. will go into hiding next week.

  3. John, I used to have a rug exactly like the one in the picture and my old upright Cable Upright Concert Grand piano is in the garage. Wonder why all of a sudden I have a craving for smoked wild turkey. One of my brothers from northern Wisconsin is visiting Sat. and Sun. He is bringing me some venison to fill the freezer but the smoked hind quarters won’t be ready until early Feb. As ever be well

  4. I too had a rug like that over time. Lovely lovely blog John. Your home is so warm , cozy and inviting. Merry Christmas My Dear Friend.Im beyond tired . I have done way too much this week. Im sure we all are and so glad you stopped by.Lisa xo

  5. Warm and cosy blog John. If only those turkeys knew they would flee for their lives. :)Have a wonderful Christmas John.Dianne :)

  6. lovely home John, I have a piano pretty much like yours.. but its sitting out in the shed.. don’t have room anymore for it.. lots of memories still linger as does its music..hope you have a wonderful Christmas.soft hugsHope

  7. I think the krone with hat, boots,lasso………….is funny and originalI haven’t ever seen that before, strange for me.Your home is pleasant and warmHave a happy weekend

  8. Happy Christmas John, The turkeys are ready for christmas eve.The first photo looks like a play house or a miniature.Have a blessed sunday …take care ..connie

  9. Wow John!! All gussied up! Looks really festive!! Your home looks warm and comfortable. Those turkeys are just asking for it!Still not sure where that wild boar came from…… Maybe the wild???

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