For The Fun of It…..

Every once in a while I take a picture that is a puzzle.  I have to stare it down to figure it out.  I had a roll of 35 that i had forgot about and just recently have it developed.  The person that did the processing asked me about one of the pictures, "What is it?"  Humm had to stare a bunch until I figured it out.  Eyeballs were hanging at their
This is how the picture was presented to me.  I could not remember and boy did I scratch the head.  There was something about the picture that was not right….. scratch scratch… and scratch some more.
I pondered some more and intently gazed at the picture… Finally a lightening bolt coursed therough the grey matter, ah ha I know.
….underneath all was the answer.



I was handed the picture wrong side down.


It is water reflecting the sky and the hillside.  Lower right corner is moss floating in the pond.  After it was turned over right side up it made lots of sense and it is somewhat a nice photo.  The comment was that was awfully still water and no clouds.  I smiled and said, "Yeah the wind does stop blowing out here at times."


Then like life keep the right side down…



6 thoughts on “For The Fun of It…..

  1. It sure is a good picture. When you said the answer, it was as I thought it was, but I had to take a good hard look to be sure!

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